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This page has been created so that I can share with you other X Philes out there the XF sites that I regularly view. They are either Official sites or sites that my XF friends on several chat forums e.g. Yahoo, MSN and AIM have produced themselves.
I will mostly put on links to sites that my friends have made cause I love 'em all!
I love ya ppl! :)
Anywho, hope you like surfing these great XFiles sites! Have fun!
Becky AKA
Gillian_scully2000/GillianScully64 and LorettaLee1013!

These are the sites dedicated to the e
Xcellent ( I have way too much free time ) Sci-Fi show called...
Visit the Official XPowerUK Web Site
This is a site and
Yahoo! club
that I am
very proud to be a Founder of.
The other Founders are: -
They are *all* great people! *gets held at gun point*...Really, Really good people!!!
No, really..they are great!
This club is dedicated to gettting X Files conventions back to the UK..and even other countries.
We are a great of X Philes that are *not* crazy..loll...thats debatible..but are keen on meeting up with other XPhiles that love the show too.
We want to create our own XF convention. All we need is some peopel that are willing to show off their XF collections or people that want to sell their XF merchandise.
               FIGHT  THE  CAUSE!
            FIGHT  FOR  X  POWER!
Copywright of 1013 Productions and Chris Carter ( lucky guy.)
If you wish to help but feel that you can not because you dont live in the UK then you can.
We need lots of help promoting the idea and getting it out over the net!
You can help by advertising it on your website ( by downloading a banner from MY XF and XP ART on the Yahoo! club ) and telling all you XPhiles friends on the net!
Thank you for your help!
Link to my Yahoo! club Gillian Scully..Have a Look!
My Yahoo! club  = Gillian Scully.
This club was created by myself about the same time that I created this web page.
It is full of pics and links to XF sites,
It has a message board where you can post messages about the XF and its cast. Or just stuff about your life if you want.
I love the WHOLE cast and crew!
You can chat about ANY of them, not just Gillian and Scully. :)

Link to the site is on the pic to the left. Double click to go to it.
Hope you like it! :)
XPOWERUK (fOUNDER.)           Dreamland The X Files.
XFilesFreaks.                              X Files Shippers.
GLAPhiles.                                  Robert Patrick Shrine.
Gillian Andersons Fan Club.        Playing By Hearts Club.
Gillian Andersons Real Fans.       Missy X Files Club.                   
Gillian Andersons Office.            The Home of David Duchovny.
X Files Shippers.                         XFiles Shippy Fanfic Home.
Join and search for clubs that you would like to join NOW!
To access the clubs below you must click to the link on the link to the left and then add on the names of the clubs at the end of the address in the tool bar. it does not matter about capitals.
Have a good look! :)