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     Welcome to my Shipper site!
                                    This is a site created by an X-Phile for X-Philes!
This site has been created by someone - me - that believes that it is not only the paranormal activity that keeps us watching. Yep! it is indeed that romatic attractive force between the two Special Agents Dr Dana Katherine Scully - played by the lovely and extremely talented
Gillian Leigh Anderson - and Fox William Mulder - played by the ever witty and charming David Duchovny.
Together this ' dynamic duo' have taken our hearts with their ever Shipper* moments. One is shown in the background to this page and all the other pages on my site. This particular one is from the season 7 finale episode ' Requiem. ' One that was very Shippy, especially the bed scene. The pictures of this ep will be available in the
Episode section of my site shortly.

What exactly is a Shipper?
For someone that is unfamiliar with this XFiles and Shipper ' lark ' then I will explain what a Shipper is and what their goals are. A Shipper is an XF fan that wants Mulder and Scully to get together and become a couple. They love to see them hug and show affection for each other - like in the picture on this page.

Why visit this site?
This is *the* site for Shippers. I will shortly be posting the most Shippy pics so that you can look at them and think about what might be. Some of the pictures are just so Shippy. I always feel myself becoming all warm and fuzzy inside..lol. But I do!     

Do I have a Yahoo! club?
I have a Yahoo! club called
Gillian Scully that is dedicated to the show's cast and crew and its characters. I love the show because of its cast / crew / characters and plots - however strange or anoying..lol.I am a huge fan of the show and love its cast! I also like the new addition, Robert Patrick. I hope he wins the Saturn award for best actor. I think that he is a good actor that is funny and good looking. I am glad that his new flick ' Spy Kids ' has done so well. You can join the Yahoo! club for the movie here. I am a member.
My club is two-fold: - you can talk about the plots and the characters and you can chat and share your views on the cast members. But I urge you not to confuse the characters with the cast members - THERE ARE DIFFERENT! I am fed up with people hating Robert Patrick because he is John Doggett. I am a Shipper and do not want the MSR ( Mulder / Scully Relationship ) to go, but that does not mean that Doggett is a threat.

Do I have a Shipper Yahoo! club?
Yes!I am also one of the founders of another Yahoo! club for Shippers called
X Files Shippers. It was founded by dana_fox_shipper and it is a great club for people that want to chat about the Shippermess - is that even a word? -  of episodes!! It has pictures and links for Shippers.

What do I hope this site does?
I hope that via this site and the links that I give you discover the reason why the show is such a worldwide phenomena in itself. I kow that it is the extremely talented cast and its visionary crew and group of fantastic writers. The plot, the cast. the crew........etc make it a cult classic that will be remembered yeasr from now like Star Trek and Star Wars. it is one of those shows that has an effect on everyone. I knwo that I can not go around anywher withot seeing an XF style slogan or show. I think that a large majority of people on the planet know about it.

Why do I like the show?
I love the show for so many reasons. Mainly because of its cast. I love what that show does, the message that it gives. I might not be getting the right message, but I believe that the show tells people that you can and should make a stand for what you believe in no matter how srange. But, that you also should have proof to back up your theories. I also love Gillian Anderon's character, Scully, because she has broken the stereotype of female scientists. And she is a Phycisist too, and that is usually a domain only proceded by males. So, godd for you Scully!..lol.

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