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I have created this page because I love to see weird and wacky stuff and I love to share it with people. This stuff will either make you laugh for ages or make you frown in discust. Everyone is different, right?
I would like to say that before I put a site link on this page or any information I personally visit the site and look around to make sure that it is ok. I also set age groups to the links. This shows the age suitability. This is so that no younger children on the net are not offended and so that people can think before they press a link to a site.
I aim to make it enjoyable, but at the same time I do not wish to offend anyone. I hope that you like the links.
I will try to put more and more on and update them.
Thank you for visiting my site!

Becky! :)

My Bizzarre Links!
Bert is Evil!
NOTE: I am not responsible for any loss of limbs organs or any other bodily parts. Nor, am I responsible for any loss of sanity or that kinda stuff. I can not be held responsible for any loss of dignity over these sites and any loss of eyes through them popping out of their sockets as they see the sites.
Neither am I responsible for any splitting sides or to be made - by the law - to pay for any surgery of any loss of body parts or brain 'disorders.'
And, DON'T! Please DON'T look at these sites if you have all of your brain matter. Only people with parts of their brain removed can stand the shock.
You have been warned!!...Oh, and nice surfing!..lol
You ever wondered what really lies behind that Sesame Street character.
Lovable, some might say!
But, I think not! The truth is no out!
Found out about Bert's dark secrets and why he is Evil!
Furby Autopsy.
Ever had that unfortunate accident with your Furby?
Or want to know what killed you Furby?
Then go to this link.
It has info on how to autopsy your deseased 'friend' and to finally get closure.
Please, get help. Go to this link!
The Bureau of Missing Socks.
Everyone has lost a sock at one time in their life.
But, where do they go?
This is an interactive site that helps to comfort and gives support to those effected my the loss of a sock.
You can also buy and sell socks so that you can look for your matching sock and help somone else.
The No Clown Zone.
This is the website for people that were freaked out by the movie IT.
It is the place for people that think that Clowns are Evil and that they are hiding something behind those *evil* painted faces! (aahh, the clowns..aaah.)
Or, for people that just hate the things!
With their collars, and their hats, and their make-up and their....................
The site that didnt make the pic.
AREA 52.
This was due to that fact that the web site was no longer avaliable.
I think this was the Governments doing! They knew that the site had alien pictures on it and they had the real deal info.
It is the base that Area 51 dont want you to know about!
XF Ratings.
Oh, God..Call Mulder and Scully..stat!
Call Doggett over to have a look.
Leave a message on Mulder's answering machine.
Contact Reyes.
Don't even bother to call the local group of computer and UFO nerds.




Unsolved case!