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The cast of the show are not just great actors they have many other talenst. They wish to contribute the the actual making of the episodes aswel as being in them.
Three of the cast members
Gillian, David and William B David ( CSM - Cigarette Smoking Man ) have done this. Showing that there is more to this cast then their acting skills.
Gillian Anderson
The episode that Gillian Anderson wrote and directed was ' All Things.' It was in late season 7 and it was a deep look into Scully's life and the choices that she made.
It was fantastic - well I thought it was, but maybe I am slightly biased. Although, I know that a large majority of XF fans loved it too.
It was an insight into Scully and her attempt to make sense of the choices that
she has made in her life and she finds herself thinking about them in greater depth then before.
She begins to think about fate, her fate. It is one look at the wrong medical files at a hospital that brings her to an old friend who is dying. This makes Scully think that it was fate that brought her to him.
She thinks about what life she would have lead if she went into medicince and not into the FBI and onto the X Files. Mulder makes a comment that she would not have meet him if she had gone into medicine.
The episide is basically about Scully finding herself and deciding whether the paths that she takes effct her life, and how.
The episode was very well done and with great photography. I loved the music in the scene where Scully exits the hospital and proceeds to enter her car only to be stopped by a women in white that may have saved her life. The music is by Moby nd the song is called the Sky Is Broken. I loved it so much that I went out to buy the album PLAY. Which also contains the music from the end of Closure...called My Weakness. That episode was so sad and the music at the end just made it excellent!
To round up! This was an excellent episode and I am sure that I am not the only one in hoping that Gillian would write and direct another episode in the future.
This episode definatly gets my THUMBS UP!
David Duchovny.
David has written and directed two episodes. They include ' Hollywood A.D. ' and ' Unnatural.'
They are both episodes that i think David has written to emphasize his intrests.
In Hollywood A.D his real-life wife Tea Leoni guest stars as the movie Scully and David's best friend Garry Shandling - from the Larry Sanders Show also guest stars as Mulder's movie double. It is a very enjoyable episode with a lot of Shiipy picking. For instant there is one very funny scene in the movie where Mulder and Scully are stuck in a coffin together - Mulder on top of Scully - and Mulder tries to be romantic but Scully says that she likes Assistant Director Skinner better...because " he has a bigger flash light. " And if that isnt taking the mickey out of the MSR I dont know what it..lol.
The other episode that David did was Unnatural which was completely different. It is counted as one of the most Shipper episodes, aminly because of its last scene - see picture to the right. Where Mulder teaches Scully how to play baseball as a birthday present.
Mulder also using baseball a lot in this episode - I believe this is because it is his favourite sport , along with basketball - which he is often seen playing as Mulder in his appartment.
I thought that they were both exellent eps..one shippy and one not...Great Work.
William B Davis' work on En Ami is to come.....