Gillian Anderson's Feet!!!
Gillian Anderson wears a size seven shoe.  Her belly button is pierced, and she briefly had her nose pierced as well.  She has a tattoo on her right ankle, which of course, draws attention downward.... ;-) The tattoo is of two turtles, a symbol of a native group living on the South Pacific island where she had it done.
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April 1999
A question once asked to Gillian.... Have you ever had any real-life strange things happen to you like on the X-Files?  Have you ever met any strange aliens, or anything?

Gillian's reply, "Well, there was this one guy who was always trying to suck my toes..... that was a little wierd."
(Thanks to CanadaFtFreak for this great quote!)

May, June, August 1999
Wanna get the vcr set up to tape Gillian's sexy feet?  Have it ready to tape the following X-Files episodes: Ghost in the Machine (season 1).  Three foot shots in this episode, walking barefoot because she was asked to take off her shoes in someone's house, taking off her high heels for bed, and again taking off her shoes (but this time in socks).  Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose (season 3).  Sitting on a bed, barefoot.  Emily (season 5).  Walking barefoot in the sand.  Chinga (season 5).  Reportedly the best of all these, she is relaxing in a bathtub and uses her foot to close the door.  Milagro (season 6).  Two chances in this episode, once when Agent Scully is caressed by some man from her feet to her face, and later, while barefoot in Mulder's apartment.   All Things (season 7).  At the very end of the show, Gillian's stocking feet are shown from a great angle as she relaxes on the couch.
(Thanks to HFetish for this compilation)

19 February 2000
Gillian was the winner of the Best Shoes Award from Access Hollywood at the 1999 Emmy Awards!  Gillian, I am sorry that you did not get an emmy, but you can not believe how happy I was to find out that you won Best Shoes!  Congratulations!!!
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