Gillies Canoes Marathon C-2
John Gillies Designer/Builder...

     Since 1978 John Gillies has been building quality products for paddlers including recreational canoes and sea kayaks. His most significant project in recent years has been the development of his marathon C-2 design. This design has reached the top of professional and amateur racing in North America,and represents a major evolution in design concept and construction methods.

On the design....

     A successful marathon hull is a combination of speed and handling.The Gillies is unique in its approach to these elements. Speed - A low volume "v" hull is combined with fine entry and exit lines. Concave sides further reduce resistance at the running waterline.

     Flawless mold preparation and surface finish further reduce frictional resistance. Handling - This is an exceptionally fast canoe in rough water for expert paddlers. A predictable and seaworthy shape means less paddler fatigue. The fore-aft volume below waterline is more symetrical than other designs and this gives very balanced handling in all wind directions and a boat that is very responsive to trim adjustments.Races such as the General Clinton and the Ausable have proven it as an exceptional performer in shallow water. Its unique 'hard-chine'cross section in the bow yields a hull that tracks very well while making it very responsive to leaning for directional control.

On the construction...

     As the design became established as the state of the art in marathon C-2's,conventional construction methods were also reevaluated,and John Gillies has come up with a construction method which is unique in race canoes.John works with the same combinations of graphite,spectra and honeycomb cores as any other top end builder, but has taken the ultimate step of creating a mold for the inside surface of the boat which forms all the rib and gunnel contours in one piece. Besides creating a beautiful result, this also creates a true 'monocoque' construction which is significantly stiffer than boats which are laminated with joints between structural members.John has also created special curved bulkheads to support seats and drink trays.These curves allow the finished product to be stiffer for the same or less weight than competitors canoes.


The standard layup is graphite/spectra and standard outfitting includes:

      bow and stern food tray/seat support bulkheads
      graphite seats sliding on aluminum tubes
      stern self bailer -center bulkhead for stiffening
      sliding stern footrace in graphite tubing
Standard weights are approximately 27 pounds.

     Prices for spring 2000 for the standard boat is $4000 cdn all taxes included,f.o.b. Margaretville,Nova Scotia. Custom inquiries are welcomed by the builder, and more basic outfitting is available at slightly reduced prices.

For more information....

Please contact John Gillies directly for more information.

April 15- Nov 15 (902) 825-3725
Nov 15- April 15 (403) 522-1333

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