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Me in Solitary Confinement

UPDATE: I'm in federal prison now. I'm having a great time - I've even gotten used to the constant anal rapes.

Here is a snippet from the court docket:

JUDGMENT by Judge Lacey A. Collier: BENJAMIN DAVID GILLILAND(1) count(s) 1, 2 . Custody of BOP [Bureau of Prisons] for 60 mos as to Ct 1 and 75 mos as to Ct 2 with counts to run concurrently one with the other; supervised release of 3 yrs with counts to run concurrently one with the other; SMA [special assessment] of $100.00 each ct; total restitution of $25,517,666.46 joint and severally with codefts. BENJAMIN DAVID GILLILAND (1) count(s) 3-36 dismissed upon govt oral motion during sentencing. [Entry date 08/09/01]

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To GORDY, who made me his bitch. I love you, man.