Hi there! Welcome to my Blue Jean Babies home. My babies like to hang out in my jean pockets. You can go ahead and meet them if you like just be careful...my pockets have alot of lint in them sometimes.

Amy    Visit for you Blue Jean Baby

I'm so happy you've come to see,
Someone who's very special to me.
My Blue Jean Baby is who I'd like you to meet,
My Blue Jean Baby that hangs by her feet.
She loves to climb up in the tree
And run and jump just like me.
So step right up and say hello
Maybe play awhile before you go.
Her name is Amy and I'm so glad
To have found such a friend at the Mousepad.

Elvie    Visit for you Blue Jean Baby

And this Blue Jean Baby I'm sure you know,
He can sing and dance just like a pro.
But that is not why I keep him near,
In this pocket on my rear.
He is my Grandma's hero you see,
And I love for her to spend time with me.
But life is busy and I not always can...
Be with this man's biggest fan.
So I keep my Elvie close to me,
And with my Grandma I'll always be.

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