psychic reader & clairvoyant

Since a very young girl Gill has been psychically aware. Having a great interest in people of all ages, she has been able to help solve problems in a sympathetic and confidential manner.

Many aspects of clairvoyance are used for this including TAROT,  PSYCARDS,  PLAYING CARDS,  PALMISTRY, AND GRAPHOLOGY.

If she can be of help to you with problems in LOVE,  MARRIAGE,  CAREERS,  TRAVEL, and other significant events in your life a reading with gill could show you a way forward

Seek and you shall find

For individual or party reading, please contact gill at:

Gill realised very early on there was a difference in the way she saw life. Her sensitivity was heightened to give her experiences unusual to her family.They related to a vivid imagination.
In her early twenties she began reading her customers hands in the hotel where she worked, this was without any guidance or text books to help her discover a natural ability. An interest in cartomancy or divination by playing cards was her next tool; enjoyed by the willing participants in directing their lives.
Later Gill found the spiritual pathway that lead to churches of spiritualism, awareness groups, medjumistic circles, to enlarge her knowledge and encompass many forms of clairvoyance. This was enhanced by the use of tarot, palmistry, cartomancy, I ching, graphology, with more recently a great insight and interest in astrology.

In 1992 she belonged to a group called Pstchic Vine based in Hammersmith, London and had opportunities to meet many nationalities and other psychics. There were exciting experiences as television companies such as Carlton, Anglian, and L.T.V filmed the group to look at all aspects of psychic phenomenon and also a feature article in the Marie Claire magazine. Gill was offered a new challenge at this time to become involved in a brand new fringe Theatre in Jermyn Street, W1-very near to the heart of London. There she ran a psychic group involving mediums and healers and gifted psychics from all over the British Isles. She was involved with the spiritualist centre of Great Britain in Belgrave Square along with the British School of Psychic Studies, where she received a great deal of help and encouragement.

Psycards became a favourite tool for gill at this time arousing an interest in health issues showed to her by her doctor guide. Then, by a chance meeting in America, she was introduced to the power of positive thinking by an American psychic and a beleif that changed the course of Gills life once again. Then became a series of talks on the subject in hospitals to student nurses, to alternative health groups, to playgroups organisers and even in a prison. After 30 years of service to others Gill feels confident in offering her help and guidance to those who need it through lifes ups and downs. Many of those who she helps recommend her for future readings to friends and relatives. The clients commend her for her accurate and honest readings.
As a trained counsellor in a wide range of person centred requirements she is at present at university studying to add to her skills, proving its never too late to learn. God bless all who read this and thank you.