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-oh my god!!! i updated references!

and yeah, yeah, i'm getting on that whole poll thing. summer wasn't that long ago.....

-updated my episode guide! yay...

'what's going on?' you say, as you sit there in front of your computer, munching on doritos, 'zoe sucks because she hasn't updated her gilmore girls website in a bajillion years!' i know, i know. i suck. sorry. here's the deal: i have a gilmore girls tape 'archive' of all the episodes, right? well my good friend lizzie borrowed these tapes at the end of the season because she....wanted to watch them. (there's a shocker.) as it turns out, lizzie moved to germany in july. guess where my tapes are. yeah, and i live in ohio. so basically, there's nothing i can really do for the site until i see her again. i am trying to get on top of things, though, so i'll update references and upcoming episodes as best as i can. so happy august and enjoy what little time you have left before hell, ahem, school, starts again! :)
updated references!
alright, it's been quite a while since the last update. my most sincere apologies. now that the school year is over (YEAH!!), i will have a lot more time to work on the site.....oh wait.....i have to read 8 books this summer for AP english...well theoretically i should have some time...anyway i'm a lot less stressed b/c the last month of school was, as richard would say, "hell in a hand basket." anyway, i don't have any updates for you at the moment, however, i have a bunch of stuff waiting to be put up. so you can expect this within a week, just keep your pants on. if you're getting really antsy though, i put up a new poll to keep you amused. (guess it's about time to take down that season finale one, huh?)

- new poll!

-updated upcoming episodes.

-new upcoming episode.

-new poll! new poll!

-updated upcoming episodes.
- updated appearances.

- updated upcoming episodes.
- updated magazines.

- updated upcoming episodes.

- happy birthday to lauren graham!!

- updated upcoming episodes.

- updated magazines.
- updated
gg cast appearances!!! we should celebrate!! you need to click on this right now! this is a big event!
- new upcoming episode!
- new magazines.

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gilmore galore poll
favorite summer activity?

making smoothies...mmm
taking zoe's gilmore galore polls
watching reruns of gilmore girls on video (come on..i know you do...)

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