Could You Date Gilmore Girls' Jess?:

Wondering what a date with "Gilmore Girls" hottie Milo Ventimiglia is like? Well, you can start collecting your pinups of the celeb now because this is one chill dude.

The 24-year-old heartthrob who plays bad-boy Jess on the WB series says his ideal date could be anywhere, because he's all about kicking back and having a good time.

"I could go anywhere and find a good time," Milo dished to us. "Put me in a movie theater, put me in a party, put me in a theme park. I'll pretty much take the situation and have a good time."

And while he admits that having a good time is a major requirement for a date, he also has his rules laid down for the nerve-racking first date. "Don't let thing get too serious," he said. "Just try to enjoy yourself."

We all know Jess has been totally crushing on Rory Gilmore from day one, but which gals actually make Milo's list of potential girlfriends? "Honest caring, compassionate, intelligent. Your basic good qualities," he said about what he looks for in a girl.

Over at Milo's new pad (FYI: he's currently putting the final touches on his new crib in Venice Beach, Calif.), you can find all sorts of movies and music.

"The Godfather" 1 and 2, "Goodfellas," "The Matrix" -- those are movies I can sit down and watch over and over again," Ventimiglia mentioned. As for the music scene you can usually catch Milo listening to stuff he grew up on like the Sex Pistols and a lot of classic punk bands. "Things I listen to now are The Hives, The Strokes," he said about his wide range of interests. "I also listen to a lot of hip-hop like De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest and Wu Tang."

However, girls, this laid-back dude has a little bit of a rebellious streak running through him. "There's definitely some of Jess in me and some of me in Jess," he explained about the similarities between him and his on-screen ego. "I used to get in trouble in high school. The friends I hung out with, they were considered the bad apples and played pranks and got away with everything."

Luckily, though, Milo wasn't as naughty as his buddies. "Because I was their friend, I relate myself and say I was a rebel," Ventimiglia continued. "But for the most part, I had a halo and a set of wings in high school." If he admitted having similarities to Jess, something tells us Milo isn't as angelic as he says he is.

As for his future in Stars Hollow, Milo assures us he's willing to stick around for as long as the show stays on the air. "It's an amazing cast and crew," he quickly replied. "The writers are the best."

Season 3 of the "Gilmore Girls" starts shooting in August, but Milo is wary of giving his predictions for the new season because the writers are so unpredictable. "When I say, 'Oh, this might happen with Jess,' it doesn't happen," Milo admitted. "I'm constantly surprised by the writers."

However, what Milo would like to see happen to his character is that he doesn't change too much. "I still want to get in trouble," he affirms. "But I want to see him soften up to Luke a little bit. I have a fear that Jess is going to soften up too much, but I really don't see that happening."