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I am Lady Gilraen Kailen, Shaman, Ovate, Elder, Herbalist, Healer.
This site is for all of those interested in the Craft of Old, and the Art of Tarot.
Here you will find out much about being a Witch, a Druid, an Herbalist, and how I aid those as a Spiritual Advisor with Tarot.
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The Druids
As the storm races on,
I see the Lady Moon,
she beckons to the Magic,
howls it will be here soon,
We stand amongst the pillars,
our cloaks hide us from view,
We move in unity,
as Druids are known often to  do.
Softly our chants grow in the wind,
as the Moon lights our way,
we carry nothing but our power,
and our energies to light the darkness,
our knowledge is our Code,
We follow the Old Ways.
The Mother, The Lady & The Lord,
Each of them give us strength,
Each give us insight as we move forward...
We have come to the Circle,
We have come to this place,
We are the Druid People,
Sacred is our Space.
Copyright Gilraen Kailen 2004

Avalon Institute
Brigids Circle