6-7-00 los angeles el rey theatre

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After weeks of anticipation my friends Jenny, Coleen and I took a small road trip from San Diego to LA to see 3 extraordinary bands: Sleater Kinney, The Gossip, and Bratmobile. We left San Diego around 4pm just in case we hit the typical clogged LA traffic. We made very good time driving like a bat out of hell through the freeways until we hit traffic around the city.

We made it to the El Rey Theatre around 7pm which was on a very "hip" part of Wilshire Blvd. Coleen and I had to pee ever since we reached Aneheim so we ran off to a Rite Aid to relieve ourselves while Jenny snagged a spot in line.

We waited for a bit in line as many people started to show up for the sold out show. Being Chainsaw dorks, me and Jenny joked around about how funny it would be in Janet Weiss of Sleater Kinney arrived in a soccer mom van. Danielle and Lian showed up shortly decked out in collared shirts and sassy ties. They greeted us and then went off to pass out fliers for the Secret Girl Conspirocy. Me/Coleen followed their lead and passed out a few fliers for Riot Grrrl San Diego. I were surprised to meet other San Diegans who commuted up to LA for the show.

Finally, the doors opened and everyone rushed into the venue. My group was amazed with how awesome this venue looked. Red carpet, chandelers, a disco ball: the whole shabang. Very classy. Determined to be remotely close to the front of the stage Coleen, Jenny, and I made our way to the front. Soon many hot bodies crowded around us, including my friend Sarah and a few of her friends from OC.

Suddenly, high pitched cheers filled our ears as The Gossip stepped onto the stage. In a burly Southern girl accent Beth shouted "How yall doing?!" The crowd responded with more cheers. Then the Gossip broke out into their first song. I was immediately amazed as Beth bounced around on stage with the Gossip's dancer, sassy lassy. I was so refreshing to see a heavy front woman let her beautiful belly show and be so self confident. The Gossip didn't seem to have a very long set. Perhaps it was because I was having such a rad time dancing, making up my own little performance in the crowd.

I gripped Coleen's arm in excitement as Bratmobile started to set up. We had been listening to them since we were in middle school but never thought that we'd see them since they broke up for awhile. Erin came out and started to tune up her guitar, then Molly came and put the final touch on arranging her drums, lastly, Allison came out in a sleeveless peach colored dress. She looked very different from pictures I've seen. Allison took the mic and announced that this was Bratmobile's first show in LA in 7 years! Then they jumped right into "Love Thing" sending me into a body spazm of slam/cheesy dancing. I wouldn't stop their entire set, even though I felt like I was going to die in the heat of the pit. Bratmobile is definitly a band to see live. Out off the 3 bands that played i had to most fun dancing to Bratmobile.

After Bratmobile left the stage tons of people crowded towards the stage, waiting for Sleater Kinney. As individual members of the band walked on stage to help set up I heard the typical "we love you carrrie aarghghghaioiuiu!!!". Finally, the band got on stage. I was so intriged by their performance. The crowd was crazy. I started off in the corner by Corin Tucker then moved my way to the center, being bullied by the fierce crowd. Danielle saw me and pulled me over towards her: in front of Carrie. The crowd was a living and breathing monster. I supposse I wore myself out during Bratmobile/The Gossip so i left the sweltering heat of smushed bodies and hung out a few rows back were I had some room to dance. Corin was considerate of the heated crowd and threw bottles of water out to the crowd. One hit my right in the head! Owie. Then she sprayed water on us. Yay, as if we weren't wet enough already. After the set the band left stage. The crowd hooted and hollered and they came back for a 2 song encore....Then they left again and came back again to finish with a 2nd 2 song encore. After that they said their goodbyes and left the stage for good.

I wattled back to Coleen, Jenny, and Sarah who had excaped our original spot as well. We hung around for a little bit and then started to retrace our steps back to San Diego. Overall, it was an exellent experience.