8.17.00 san francisco bottom of the hill

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Yeah, so I got to the Bottom of the Hill not really knowing what to expect.. once I got in I recognized Allison and Molly setting up the merchandise booth. They all passed by me, and I got a picture with them. After the picture I was expecting them to just go on and do whatever they were going to do but they stuck around and talked for awhile. Allison, Erin and Molly are really really nice. Allison said that they're going on tour in the fall and were probably coming back to the Bottom of the Hill in November or so.

The other bands, Enon, Erase Errata and Shotgun Won were good, especially Shotgun Won. They all played pretty short sets though. The lead singer in Enon put on a really good show and was really involved with the crowd and stuff.

Then finally Bratmobile came on. Allison had changed since I talked to her earlier, and had drawn smiley/frowny faces on her knees. They started off with The Real Janelle. Most of the songs they played were new, so I dunno the names of them. Before most of them Allison would say something random about the song like "This song is about how people should use BART to get to the East Bay!" Some of the old songs they played were: Cool Schmool, Panik, Kiss and Ride, Brat Girl, No You Don't, Love Thing, and a quick cover of Blur's There's No Other Way from the Peel Sessions. Allison is really energetic on stage and their shows are lots of fun. Allison introduced herself and said "I'm voting for Ralph Nader!" and asked the rest of the band who they were voting for. Erin was kind of quiet and didn't want to talk, and Molly said she's voting for Al Gore. Then Allison said something 'bout how he's better than Bush. Someone wanted them to play Where Eagles Dare but Allison said she didnt think they could play that. They played a two song encore with a couple old songs I already listed.