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clown punchinist - meat grillinist - poor vocabulizinist
Rock-n-Roll Band . . . . . . . . BONDO!

Find out how these hooligans & drunkards decided to join together to take over the world! Er, ummm, I mean play music, yeah that's it. Have you met my wife - Morgan Fairchild? Download mp3's & read reviews of our cd - Long Live Napster!
When & Where the Bondo boys are playing, messages, updates, misc. garbage Witness the Shennanigans of a band who isn't afraid to have fun! Pix of the guys, fans & other rockin friends Guestbook, Games, Goofy Songs, Haikus, Recipes, etc.
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Take Johnny Cash, Motorhead, Russ Meyer, Bob Barker & a polka band,
put em all in a plane then crash it into a brewery - Bondo is what rises from the wreckage

Centerstage Chicago said,
"The sound is a bit intoxicated and a bit intoxicating"
so toss back a few & check out some tunes, pix & info on Bondo.