The first rendition of the Gimme My Stars web site. It was designed by PalmerB to announce the arrival of his Red Star.
The second version of the home page, this version introduced the resource page. The update received very few recommendations resulting in some serious whining.

The Home page of Sympa37, one of the authors on the original web site. A mystery surrounds his departure from the Gimme My Stars message board. He seems to have vanished off the face of the earth while moving. The investigation into his disappearance is ongoing.
A page dedicated to the obvious demise of our beloved Sympa37, otherwise known as Norm. One of the theories behind his departure involves the severe depression imparted by the loss of his treasured Red star.
Another Home page from a previous member of GMS. This is the page dedicated to Fooelle. Not being able to keep up with the numerous posts on the message board resulted in a time warp black hole. This cosmic occurrence resulted in her transformation into space dust.
A web page made in honor of the poster known as Poprock. All he wanted was recommendations and getting faved by fellow Fools. His annoying habit of begging for recs was the cause of his ultimate demise. The TMF overlords blocked his account. The legend although, will live forever.
A page designed to thumb our noses at the Fool U.K. The superiority of the page caused the Brits to bow down before us and kiss our feet.
One of the more unfortunate incidents at the Gimme My Stars message board was the time Joelsenior decided to be nice. This threw the whole universe out of whack and caused the balance of time and space to be disturbed. This is the page created to dishonor "Joelsenior Lite."
A welcome message to a new poster at GMS from Switzerland. Like several others in the past, he decided to move on after getting his Red star.
Lured by their cunning pleasantness, Peil increasingly found herself cavorting more and more on the British Invasion message board. She even went so far as to arrange a secret meeting with one of their leaders HeadLouse. Incensed by this obvious act of traitorship, Ms. Peil was tried and convicted by a jury of her GMS peers of treason. This is her former home page at the Gimme My Stars Web site.
It is the trade of lawyers to question everything, yield nothing, and to talk by the hour.
-Thomas Jefferson
And that he did, posting and posting, days and days at a time. Counterattack earned his Red star and vanished like a mist, never to be heard from again. This is the page dedicated to him.

Constantly trying to sell us on one of his hair brained schemes, Sunrunner4 grew increasingly frustrated by the lack of response to his offers. Deciding it would be better to take his enterprise global, he started a dot com, was featured on CNBC, and was then bought by Microsoft for 9 million dollars. He spends most of his time now on a beach in Tahiti, being fanned by nubile, young natives, while sipping margaritas.