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Hi, my name is Gina - some people call me a mermaid but the truth is I just love swimming underwater - it's so much more fun than doing laps in the pool. I like to think of my particular form of aquatics as "Underwater Aerobics".

I'll be showecasing not only my underwater talents as a model but introduce you to Underwater Aerobics - freestyle aquatics which involves athleticism, grace, movement for all ages. It gives a great cardio vascular workout, helps flexibility in a weightless environment and helps to keep your figure in trim. You just have to be a competent swimmer and be relaxed and comfortable underwater - and the rest is "fun".

My first major project is an introductory 45 minute video currently being produced over the coming weeks. The video, apart from givng me the opportunity to present my underwater abilities will also allow me to demonstrate this style of aquatics in the hope of encouraging more, especially us ladies, to take it up. Remember your figure always looks better underwater - free from the contraints of gravity.

I'll be giving regular progress reports about the video project and preview some of the video stills from the shoots. Of course I'll let you know when its ready to distribute.

Other feature will include some of my favourite underwater photos on - / - as well as information about my promotional CD plus training ideas if you want to take up Underwater Aerobics.

Please let me know if you want me to feature other aspects of my underwater world - e-mail me at

Come on in - the water's fine
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