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Bathala’ s glorious hands protect his ever-knowing eyes.
A divine light breaks the gloomy under belly of the forest floor.
The crickets emit their familiar chirping as the Divine Being gasps
in awe at his most valuable creation.
Amongst the bushes along the serene riverbanks,
a graceful figure looms upon its creator.
The deity could not help but weep at the mere sight of the fruit of the earth.
As the winds billow forth,spewing potent air to rejuvenate
the tired Nymph lying daintily upon an enormous rock in the middle of the river.
Slowly, the Nymph - not just any nymph but a precious River Nymph
– stirred and took sight of all her surroundings.
Hustle and bustle engulfed the clearing by the riverbanks
as the creatures of the forest came to realize that hope,
faith and joy has now appeared before them in all her revelry.
Bathala stood and surveyed his newest and greatest creation.
The divine being cannot help but wonder about all the wonderful
and bitter paths the River Nymph will take before ending up
and giving precious life to her destiny – the Ocean.
She might be ready – but probably is not – to drive thru the treacherous journey.
Not to fulfil her own wants and needs, but to fulfil what
she has been destined to…offer herself.
Drops of water will trickle down the mountain’s peak making its way
to a peaceful and steady stream.
She will nourish all that she passes and all that she encounters on her heralded quest.
The slow, steady flow will push against the sturdiest of stones
and will eventually end up at the tail of a mighty river.
This determined yet innocent Nymph will be thrown into the twisting and turning body of the vicious dragon to one day end up at the gaping mouth of
its delta and swallowed by the sea.
Sometimes overwhelmed by indestructible obstacles, Bathala is certain
that his ultimate creation would find a way to get through.
The river may be frail and timid on the exterior but I assure you my friends
that the interior is a roaring furnace of prudence, temperance and fortitude.
The River Nymph might be guided by a path but she is not afraid
to create another course just to reach her destination.
Once she does reach the beautiful yet immense Ocean,
she will surely stand out and be the giver of life and the eradicator of darkness eternal...

did you like the story?

someone so dear created that for me... he knows me more than anyone does and as a sign of gratitude i posted his work on my very own website... but i don't want his story to be the basis of how others see my personality... i want others to know me better... i want YOU to know me... as you visit this site, i warmheartedly welcome all of you as we open the book entitled my life...

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