Hello everyone

I am trying to teach myself HTML and this is my first go.
My name is Gina and I currently live in a small village called Feltwell which is in the beautiful county of Norfolk, England.

This is my friend Leigh and I (I am the one in the silly hat). The photo was taken on her hen night (18/08/01), we had a fantastic time at a really trendy club in London's West End - loads of cocktails and dancing!

I have a two cats called Dave and Brian whom I love very much and a husband called Julian (who I married last year in the Candlelight Wedding Chapel, Las Vegas!) My favourite thing in the world is travel. You can check out some of our latest adventures by clicking on the map or through the links below.

Here is a link to Cambridge University -Department of Pharmacology where I work.

If you like you can
e-mail me