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My paternal Grandparents
Blanche Lavina Dodge
James Harrison Thomas
on their wedding day
22 May 1915,
Grants Pass, Josephine Co., Oregon
"Harry", as Grandpa often went by, is a complete mystery.  I've never been able to find his parents, or any siblings - nor have I been able to find anything about him that is consistent with the yarns and tales he told my Pop and siblings as they were growing up as very impressionable kids.
Grandma Blanche's family - the Cole's of Canadaway Creek, Chautauqua Co., New York are descended of James Cole of Cole's Tavern in Plymouth Colony - and have been easily traced.  Her Dodge ancestry has been much more difficult to get a grip on prior to 1800, and it is only through recent DNA testing of a male relative descendant that we have learned we are descended from the blood line of Tristam Dodge of Block Island, Rhode Island ~ and so the hunt continues.
I never met my paternal grandparents ~ they were long gone by the time I found my Pop.  My research began as a way to get to know them ~ and all my ancestors ~ as my inquiring mind wanted to know what they were like, what they did with their lives, what was life like where they lived.  My love for the research has dragged my Pop and my mom ~ as well as my kids and the hubby-man's families in on all this too! 

No excuses - may your research projects be as fruitful, vexing, delightful and strenuous as mine have been!!
Welcome to my Family Album Page

Why genealogy?  It's an "old-people" thing, right?  Who cares??  Who wants to know???  Alot of us do - and believe it or not, there is a self-healing in knowing our people who came before us - who struggled to further their lives, which over time has lead us to where we are today.  It's humbling to know that we are not unique ~ there have been others before us who have worked hard too, and every little mark they left on our history trail has ultimately led to this moment in time in our lives.  We are definately not alone in our travels.

I can blame all my piles of papers, pictures, books, "stuff" on my mother's cousin, Lucinda.  Yup, Lucinda - it's STILL your fault!!  Mom's cousins Lucinda Carsten McCoy and Owen B. Younger, Jr. began the hunt in the 1980's and came up with this brilliant idea to gather as much family data as they could, put it all together on these neat little sheets of paper called Pedigree Charts and Family Group Sheets, send a copy to everyone in the family ~ and sit back and see where the "chips may fall".  Well, my mom and her 3 sisters all packed up their copies and mailed them to me, where I promptly "square-filed them" in the bottom of a file cabinet.  After a couple years of being nagged first by one aunt, then another, then my mom - who all wanted to know if I had looked at their "books", I finally ~ out of total frustration ~ dragged those little ol' pieces of horror out, sat down on the floor and started hookin' through them.

Something clicked ~ something made sense ~ it "stuck", and I could make sense of it.  Very quickly I realized I could track one family to another, and I found that though I might lock my keys in the car on occasion, or forget which kid I needed to pick up from what school at what time, or do that dreaded "thing" of yelling for every kid in the house before I finally got to the one I was looking for, I have a knack for remembering names, dates, places of all those folks who have passed before me.  I found something I really liked, and over the past few years, I've learned I'm pretty good at locating old records, and family links.  I am persistent, relentless and always optomistic in my research.  I don't believe in "no" until I've heard it at least 5 times, and then I need to hear it once more before I go away <grin>. 

Old documents are my favorite ~ old photographs are a treasure as it seems my families weren't able to afford them often, if at all.  I've laughed, cried and hurt in silence at the lessons I've learned about my families - and this wonderful country we live in ~ during my research, and along the way I've met some really wonderful people, some related, some not, some in person, some through the mail and alot through the internet.  I've helped some folks out, and I've been helped, and I hope I live for a very long time (I have grandchildren now) and NEVER lose my love for the hunt.  I am working on leaving my children and grandchildren a sense of who they are through the peoples that came before them and what they did with their lives that make us who we are today.

What I didn't find so readily was what set my feet on this path in the first place ~ just exactly how much Cherokee blood came through which particular ancestor.  It wasn't written on those lil' ol' papers, and assuming that to be an error, decided to rectify the situation immediately.  Well, we have found our Cherokee families (notice the plural), and also found references to Shawnee, Chickasaw and Choctaw along the way.  Though we are direct descendants of Miles Standish and all the Mayflower folk on my Pop's side of the tree, my mother's side of the family is full of redskinhs, rednecks and outlaws.  Such is family history - ya git what ya git, and it don't get much better than what ya find.

This page is an index of sorts - constantly in a state of flux as we discover more links to our familial past and update/change/correct the lists below.  Should you find a family surname/combination here that strikes a cord with you, send me a quick email to
Ginaburningsky@aol.com for more info.

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THOMAS and related families of Alden, Andriaens, Barbour, Blake, Bonham, Bottens, Brooks, Bryant, Bumpuss, Carpenter, Churchill, Clark, Cole, Crompton, Denham/Dunham, Dobbins, Dodge, Feake, Gray, Ghurdinx, Hall, Hanson, Hide/Hyde, Isgrigg, Jenkins, Kenney, Knott, Lettice, Lewis/Lewes, Manning, Melyn, Messenger, Mills, Mitchell, Morton, Mujllens, Nash, Palmer, Pontus, Potts, Sampson, Seaborn, Selly, Shaw, Standish, Studley, Tilson, Winans/Wynants, Wolsey
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PATTERSON and related families of Albaugh, Ashe, Blackshaw, Borden, Brandon, Bunting, Clifton, Collins, Conover, Covert, Earle, Estry, Ford, Fowle, Fowler, Freed, Grover, Groves, Hake, Hannas, Harper, Hilton, Kaiser/Keyser, Kettle, Kirkbridge, Leitch, Lodge, McCall/McAuley, Moore, Neigh/Ney, Parmer, Porter, P:otts, Reese, Rogers, Savage, Sherry, Stacy, Throckmorton, Welch, Wells, and Wilson.
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