" Searching for that elusive woman who can tap my true feminine potential. I am well suited to be your wife, lover and partner. I am adept at all domestic duties and equally comfortable with a make-up brush or a table saw.

I am a professional sales executive that travels extensively throughout the USA. I would be a perfect match for a strong executive type woman or any woman who knows what she wants and how to get it.

I have a passion for stockings and heels both on me and my partner, so foot worship is a plus !

All disputes are to be resolved over her knee and she will be pampered in a style that she deserves. This is not a game or kink for me it is how I feel. The right woman will receive quite a gift. My playful side enjoys being a maid and can adapt to any role that is desired by my partner.

I am 5' 5", size 12 and adore women of all sizes and shapes, but one who could share wardrobes would be marvelous. There is just something so intimate about wearing another's clothes. I am very erotic, romantic, and gentle, as well as a good communicator.

Forget the football game let's shop for new drapes".