An open letter to terrorists and those that harbor and support them...

I am told by the leaders of my government that you are intelligent people. In light of your actions on September 11, 2001, I am having a hard time believing this. At the very least, it has become increasingly obvious that you lack a fundamental comphrehension of my psychology as an American. I hear on the news that your rage is fueled by my support of Isreal. It was never about religious faith or nationality- never about Jew vs. Arab.

There will always be among us dishonarable men who are devoid of humanity and compassion. They are an empty shell of what truly is a man. They attempt to fill their emptiness by the excercise of power over others, thinking that it makes them whole men. Often they are so enraged that they do not even understand their own emptiness, what it is that they lack.

Intelligent men?  I, for one, am stunned by the monumental stupidity of your arrogance. Did you actually think only Americans would occupy the World Trade Center? You have fired the first bullet in what will become World War 3, for the entire world is now preparing to come after you, your host, your financiers and your supporters. Don't listen to what I have to would do far better to watch the sky.

On Monday, September 10th, we were a devisive, apathetic nation. We were divided by skin color, race, religious belief. Our government was polarized by political party affiliation, able to agree on disagreeing. The military had trouble in recruiting volunteers and most of us simply changed the channel when plea's of blood donations were sought by the American Red Cross.

Your actions have changed all of that in a way that has only occured twice before in the history of this nation- once in 1776, and again on December 7th, 1941. Ironic that I am writing this 12/07/01. The worst in the worst of people have brought out the best in the best of people. For this, I thank you.

Since your cowardly act Muslim, Jew, Christian, black, white, yellow, brown have stood shoulder to shoulder in the hot sun, waiting to donate blood for the injured. Our government has become totally united in it's purpose. Our military is having difficulty handling the flood of volunteers, young and old alike. Everywhere you look, the American flag can be seen, waving proudly from homes, cars, freeway overpasses, shopping centers...can you hear us? We are PROUD to be Americans! You accomplished a miracle only God could have anticipated!

There is in America a nationwide system for seeking help in times of emergency. Every American knows , that when threatened, he can pick up the phone and dial  911 and help is immediatly on the way to help and protect him. By selecting September 11, 2001 to exhibit your cowardice, you unwittingly placed a 911 call that has brought all of America together.

I do not for a moment deny that you hurt America. Far too many parents and children go to bed at night wondering about their loved ones.

You need to understand that the truth of that statement is the very fabric of who and what I am. I wish neither to rule nor inflict injury upon innocent lives. I am only the lion that sleeps with Gods lambs to protect them from ravenous wolves that would devour them.

Your 911 call has awakened this lion...and now I hunger for the flesh of wolves.