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My name is Bethany Ann and I was born August 8, 1988 in Victorville, CA. I moved from California to Arkansas in February 1991 when I was just a little over 2 years old and lived real close to my grandma June. Uncle Mike and Aunt Jenn still live there but they don't really care much for 'flat landers'.
My mom REALLY likes music so I was named after the KISS song, "Beth". We left Arkansas when I was 8 years old and moved to Ottumwa, IA, home of the one and only Tom Arnold!!  *yeah, I've met him*
Anyway, we came back home to California this past August and I am now 13 years old.
I have a lot of different likes and dislikes and I REALLY like music too! I drive my mom insane with it, but it's my job, and someone has to do it!

The following are some pictures of me as I was growing up. You can see that I have always been beautiful...don't hate me for it!