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and his pal, Jessie

Ottumwa, IA
November 2002
Born Michael Lee, September 18, 1984. Named after his uncle Mike Sherman.

Michael was very "interesting" as a child. He was the only boy so he had a hard time winning any of the arguements (you know, girls stick together!) But he was also the protector of his sisters. Too many times I had to reign him in if he felt someone had done something wrong to the girls.

Actually, Michael was the one that really inspired me to sit down and start thinking about a web page. He was into on-line gaming and had done a simple page advertising his skills for hire in the gaming he was into.

Growing up he was pretty adventurous. He was about 4 when he took his first bus ride across the city after school. Finally the bus driver, at the end of his route, asked Michael where he was supposed to get off at!

Then there was the time he snuck into Lacey and Sarah;s room and used a magic marker to 'pen' moustaches on their faces as they slept...of course, it was a school night. The girls got him back though. They snuck into his room a few nights later and polished his fingernails 10 different colors then his the polish remover!

Yep.....never a dull moment!

There are advantages to being the only boy though. The girls never wanted to play with his toys. He never wore hand- me- downs. But Sarah and he shared the same affection for t-shirts during high school years and someone always managed to slip out of the house with a shirt that didn't belong to them!

And, yes, he is a momma's boy. No matter how old he gets he loves his mother!

Thanks son, for teaching me a few of your internet tips! Can you see they paid off?