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Some friends.....
People come into your life for a reason. . She has been my 'sounding board' when things are good and bad, always trying to to lift my spirits. (yes counselors need to vent too!) This is Pam. I love her like a 'sis' even tho she refuses to acknowledge that I am the GOOD twin! Okay, so we have to wonder about her choice in 'date's', I never knew she liked the 'hare-y' type!..........but look at those gams!.....................AS IF!
This is Brenda, your helpful Wal-Mart associate! I've known Brenda for about 5 of the 7 years I have lived in Iowa. She contacted me one year about doing a Christmas Tree for kids that might not have a Christmas and I thought it was a pretty cool idea. Since then, we have been able to provide Christmas gifts for almost 1200 kids! This woman is tireless...she's become a good friend.....and she'll kill me when she see's this!
  *smile Brenda!*

This has got to be one of the greatest groups of people to work with! My last day of work they surprised me with cake, flowers and balloons! Left to right is Sue, Gayle, Ron, Joe, Jenn, Amy and Mike....okay, okay, I left off all the 'sir's and ma'am's for space reasons! And of course, I'm in the middle getting the bunny ears and an infamous choke hold. I am going to miss them all so much, including the rest of the staff that wasn't able to be there...I will be back to visit, and Joe? I'll bring ya 'double doubles' dude.
Oh Ricky!............
                  Okay ladies, settle down, he's just a 'good ole boy'', but I DO have connections.......how can I ever say Thank You for being on the phone that night, for making that call? How can I ever show my appreciation for you sticking by me through those crazy days, for your encouragement that it would be okay?
        Ricky?.........I'm okay now.
                      Love always,
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