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The Gang.............
When you got kids it's always pretty hectic when they're all at the house! And then they start dragging home more (ya know I'm teasing ya Nate!). When they get older it's pretty hard getting them all together again.....but I love each one of them, even the ones they pick! No ones child is perfect, and I am not saying mine are either...but they make me proud to say "that's MY kid".

I love you, guys......
My baby!     *she will so be mad at me when she see's this*
Sarah (18), Lacey (21), Bethany (12) and "big" brother Michael (16)
Seems they get along better after they get a little older!
Does Michael like being the only boy? The girls snuck in and painted his fingernails while he was sleeping...and then had to go to school the next day!
This is Nathan...he belongs to Lacey. She done good with this one!