Everything I've ever learned, I've learned from..........
Okay, so everyone that 'knows' me knows I am a true die hard Star Wars fan...hey, we all got our little idiosynchrocies. This list was taken mainly from a list compiled a few years back from a post to a newsgroup and I have condensed it from the original number of 328 entries. Unfortunatly, I have lost the web site of this group but the FORCE will always be with me.

1. Never trust men in dark helmets.
2. Get some travel information before heading off to a place that you've never been before.

3. It really isn't necessay to be fluent in over 6 million forms of communication.
4. If you are a young hero, nothing can kill you.
5. Always check the background of people that you want to become intimate with...they may be your relative.
6. You may have family members in suprisingly high places.

7. Before you kill someone, make sure they aren't your father.
8. If your vehicle is being rammed, ducking doesn't help much.
9. Cute, cuddely widdle teddy bears usually will eat you unless you can prove your a God.
10. NEVER stand on a trap door leading to a Rancor pit!
11. Don't assume a senior citizen is old and frail- they may zap you with lightening bolts.
12. Never, never, NEVER underestimate the power of the Dark Side!

13. Scoundrels kiss better than nice guys.
14. Never call someone 'scruffy looking'.
15. Your eyes decieve you, don't trust them.
16. Never buy anything from a short, hooded, smelly guy.
17. There are those that are less forgiving than Darth Vader.
18. Always let the Wookie win.
19. Taking your droids to a bar will only arouse suspicion.
20. If your in it just for the money, you just might blow it with the princess.
21. In negotiations, a thermal detinator ALWAYS comes in handy.
22. If someone yells out, "It's a trap", believe them.
23. Short green guys with big ears can be more than they seem.

24. Walk in single file to hide your numbers.
25. When buying used appliances make sure they have been mind wiped...er...reconditioned.