Ben's Surgery Summer 2003
This summer, while visiting his grandmother at the "Pharm" Ben was kicked in the face by a horse. How he managed NOT to break his neck beyond comprehension. Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of his face before they sewed it up (it was torn to the bone). But these pictures show what a rough summer he had!
Thanks for my blanket, Mom. I'm soooo nervous. This is really going to hurt!
Ben in Pediatrics before surgery. On the way to surgery. Good thing I have morphine.
Mom, get this tube out of my nose!!!
That morphine is good stuff, man!!
Immediately after surgery in ICU - cool nurses!
Look no nose tube!
Standing up is still kind of hard. Well, the "Pharm" will do as long as Mom is there.
Aw Mom!! Do I have to take a shower? All clean and ready to go home.
I hope my new medicine is as good as the stuff at the hospital. Everyone I meet thinks my new scar is really awesome!
Home again, home again, jiggedy jig! Or at least out of the hospital. One week later at my first check-up!