Guinea Pigs
Ginger is my guinea pig. She's a three year old Abassynian. I got her and her sister Snowy when they were two months old.
Guinea pigs make great pets for children. They are friendly, cute, and cudly. They aren't nocturnal, so they don't run around all night like hamsters. They also don't fear people as much as some other small animals.
In the wild, guinea pigs live in groups, so they need lots of attention. They communicate a lot through sqeaks and grunts. My guinea pig also gnaws her cage when she wants something. Every guinea pig has its own character and if you watch yours carefully, you'll begin to understand what it wants.
When buying a guinea pig pick active animals. Don't take ones with watery eyes or an unkept coat, this may be a sign of sickness. It's good to buy guinea pigs in pairs because they don't get as scared when they are together.
Don't bother your guinea pig the first few days after you get it because you may frighten it and it'll be scared of you for the rest of its life. Exercise guinea pigs a lot and give them vegetables and grass.
If you take good care of your guinea pig, you'll have a great pet.
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