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The Baker Crafthall supplies Pern with one of its most important natural resources - food! Bakers are not only cooks, but can also be entertainers. Watching a baker make is trade can be enjoyable, as well as tasty. Cooking can be very fun to roleplay, and Baker's are always needed at Gathers, Hatchings, Weddings, Parties, etc. Ista supplies the best variety of ingredients on Pern, so the Bakercrafthall has recently moved here from Fort Hold. So Master Baker Martin brought some of his Journeyman, Apprentices and supplies here and has set up a small hall in Ista Hold.
The colors in the Baker knot are amber and chocolate, and their symbol is a loaf of bread on a checked background.

Masters:Sybil, Kaetetrini, Camma, Genevieve, Annalysa, Tamisha, Michel, Damia
Journeymen:Jokaran, Goldean, Sola, Lilya, Rishandra, April

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