High heeled
                     lifting ladies

This page is made for all lift & carry-fans who love to
see a woman on high heels, especially boots!

Whe all know there are many, many great sites with
women lifting, and even more sites with women wearing
boots and high heels.

Am I wrong if i say that the most exciting on earth is a
woman who is strong enough to lift and carry a man, a girl
or maybe a car easely while she's walking on high
heels or boots? NO!

A woman who can do that is much stronger , dominating
and superieur for a man who loves to be lifted or loves to
see a lady lift!
It's a combination of a sexy high heeled AND strong lady!

For this reason this page is meant to be. I have a number
of pictures with high heeled lifting ladies already, but I
need much much more to create a great gallery, one with
women on high heels and one with women wearing boots!
Not only men, but all kinds of stuf a woman on heels can
lift is great, for example wonderwoman lifting a car.
( of course it's fake, but who cares...)

Come on, lift & carry-fans, I need your help!
Please contact me with your questions, comment and of
course to send me some pictures so I can collect them all
at one site, only with

Please take a look at the galleries, it's not much right now,
but I'll wait for your reaction......


Gallery 1

Gallery 2