A Bibliography of All BNW Books

Now that Brave New World is no longer being produced, it seems safe to publish a list/bibliography of all the books released for the set.




Cover Cost

Brave New World Hardcover Core rulebook: history of the BNW setting, rules for play, 10 power packages. 1-889546-62-3 $30.00
Ravaged Planet Hardcover supplement: additional history on the BNW setting, 6 power packages and basic rules for the Covenant. 1-889546-63-1 $25.00
Power Shield Three-fold heavier-stock GM screen, starting adventure "The Ripper" by Shace Lacy Hensley, character sheet 1-889546-64-X $15.00
Defiants Softcover sourcebook for the Defiants: resistance group of the BNW setting. Six power packages. 1-889546-70-4 $20.00
Delta Prime Softcover sourcebook for Delta Prime: the main U.S. government group responsible for martial law. Six power packages. 1-889546-71-2 $20.00
Bargainers Softcover sourcebook for the Bargainers: demon-negotiators. History and supplemental rules for creating "tokens". Six character templates. 1-887953-07-8 $20.00
Glory Days Softcover sourcebook for running a BNW setting in World War II. Ten power packages, many supplemental rules. Not a standalone product. Includes an adventure, "Foiling Der Fuhrer". 1-887953-10-8 $25.00
Crescent City Softcover sourcebook covering the history of Crescent City, built in the crater of Chicago. Six power packages. Includes an adventure, "The Teleterrorists". 1-887953-12-4 $20.00*
Evil Unlimited Softcover sourcebook covering the history of Evil Unlimited, a behind-the-scenes villain group. Six power packages. Includes an adventure, "Evil is as Evil Does". 1-88795321-3 $20.00
The Covenant Softcover sourcebook covering the history of the Covenant, a religion-inspired group of Deltas. Six character archetypes. Expands upon the Covenant-creation rules from Ravaged Planet. Includes an adventure, "For Goodness Sake". 1-887953-28-0 $19.95

* For reasons I'm still not clear on, several retailers seemed to think this should have sold for $24.95, and passed that cost on to the stores.

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