My BNW Campaign - The Chronicles

Thought this would be of some interest. You can find herein the weekly chronicles of our group. Enjoy, earn, compare them to your own.

Week One
We start off slow, with only two players. One takes a Bouncer, Domino. She's a corporate lawyer by day, a crimefighter by night. The other takes a Sneak, Phantasm. Phantasm is Malcolm Archer, a son of Ben Archer, CEO of Triumph, Inc (Rich-5, Contact-5, Dark Secret 5). Lots of subplot potential there!

The two characters are considered to know each other, and are clubbing on a Friday night in November '99. They meet at Crescent City's Metallica Nightclub, and notice a woman running with two goons in pursuit. Donning her mask, Domino moves to follow while Phantasm moves to the outside. Domino intercepts them in the alley outside and takes the two down. They are slow, awkward, and apparently dead (i.e., Deaders). Turns out the girl was trying to find her father, a dockworker, who had vanished after accepting a job. She tracked him to a dockside warehouse, but was pursued by the two Deader goons. They take the girl to Domino's apartment, and then go to investigate the warehouse.

After going over the fence, Domino stands guard outside. She is approached by a mysterious black-dressed figure. Inside, Phantasm's stealth fails him and he is confronted by a short Mexican armed with a baseball bat, and wearing kevlar. As the various elements approach, we end for the night.
Week Two
We bring in the rest of the group. The first is Wolverine, a street bum/Scrapper. He has a pair of nigh-on unbreakable wrist bracers that exude claws. They're not imbedded in his bones (we weren't trying to rip off the X-Men entirely!). He took them off a Deltas body, put them on, and can't get them off. The second Delta is Bolt, a Blaster/Bounty Hunter who has been hired by the mob to bring in one "Slugger" Montoya, and aimed in the general direction of the docks. The third character is a Flyer played by a sometimes-player - he's your basic high-flying type. They all arrive at the warehouse as Phantasm takes down his opponent with an armor-piercing round or two. Domino discovers herself confronting "Doyle," a schismatic Covenant member on the trail of alleged zombies. He's not overly hostile.

Phantasm blows himself a hole in the wall to escape (having previously planted plastic explosive), and comes out, followed by more Deaders. Battle ensues, the PCs win. Phantasm goes his own way while the rest search the warehouse and find some dockworkers locked up in a shipping cage. One of them is the girl's father. They free the workers, take the father with them, grab some papers out of the warehouse's office, and depart for Bolt's hotel room/cum HQ. Montoya manages to disappear.

Introductions are made at the hotel room, while Phantom starts investigating via the Internet. Bolt has a Contact-5 over the Internet. He's not sure who, so only the Guide knows. He sends the warehouse papers to his contact, who comes back with the enigmatic message, "Eggland Auction House."
Week Three
Kind of a slow week. Phantasm compile his information, which doesn't yield much. Bolt in civilian guise checks out Eggland Auction House. It's a classy place in the 40th story New Chrysler Building, with metal detectors and all. Apparently there's an auction going on that night. Nothing else out of the ordinary.

Phantasm has determined Domino's secret identity. He sleeps in late that Saturday and then decides to go over to her apartment, break in, rifle through her drawers, etc. (don't ask). About noon he finally decides to call Domino as they had apparently planned. He goes to visit them at Bolt's hotel, they swap info. Decide that visiting the auction house that night would be a good idea. Phantasm calls up his dad Ben Archer and wrangles some invites (Contact-5). Only problem is they're not sure how to get Wolverine through the metal detectors. Looks like they might buy him big metal bracers and pass him off as a pro wrestler. As the night approaches, we end for the evening...
Week Four
The player playing our Blaster is absent. Massive redesign of at least two characters since we've now found out you can't have more than 10 pts. in Positive Quirks. Much grumbling ensues.

The group makes the party, and the metal bracers let our Scrapper with the blade implants get through the security check.

While attending the pre-auction, Malcolm Archer/Phantasm (the Sneak Delta) is contacted by a woman named Cameo, purporting to be both a Delta and a Defiance cell leader. She suggests that the Defiance is interested in possibly recruiting them, and is keeping an eye on them. The Scrapper, Carlos/Wolverine, chats with a local Mafia boss, Carlos Giovanni, there to bid on some precious gems. Giovanni suggests that he's not adverse to Wolverine taking some of his frustrations out on his Enemy-5 Mobster (Don Gabriel), and might be willing to help.

Phantasm sneaks off to investigate the upper stories of the Eggland Auction House. Wolverine is present when a pair of assassins, Flick & Flicker, try to make a hit on Councilman Miles Johannssen. He thwarts Flicker's attempt, Flick doesn't stick around, and Flicker runs away with the local Triumph Delta security in hot pursuit. Johannssen is grateful. The auction begins, and the various parties break up to their separate rooms. Domino and Wolverine watch one auction, Bolt (the Blaster) sneaks off somewhere or another (he's a NPC, he can do that kind of thing).

Phantasm evades some guards in the upper stories and downloads computer information from Eggland's server. He then decides to leave the building. Unfortunately, a Deader is his valet, and another one is bringing his car around. He manages to defeat both (barely) without attracting too much attention, and decides to drive off. He's nervous because they apparently know who he is. Meanwhile, the auction downstairs breaks up. Domino and Wolverine head for the elevator, only to be ambushed by three Deaders. They defeat them readily without gunplay, and thus avoiding drawing attention to themselves.

Bolt emerges from the elevator, informing them that he spotted his prey, Montoya, pursued him downstairs, but was also ambushed by two Deaders. They then ring Phantasm up on his cell phone. Determining that there is strength in numbers, he decides to come back. The folks in the building will investigate the upper floors and then, if they find nothing, rendezvous with Phantasm down in the basement parking garage...

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