Reg Creation Rules (Optional)

The Delta get all the headlines, and all the bad press. But there's a secret group working against the U.S. Government, who aren't too happy about "King Jack's" rulership either. They're... Regs.

Yep, the basic rules say you can play a Reg. In fact, you have to choose between playing a Delta and a Reg as one of your three defining choices. But...there sure isn't much incentive to do so. You don't get Delta Points. You've got no Delta powers. So...what the heck's the point?

What many folks, particularly deltas, forget is that while Deltas are the more predominant target of President Kennedy's state of martial laws, no one is really safe. Delta Prime may go after the Defiants, but there are plenty of regular police and military to get medieval on the asses of those Regs who dare to raise their head from the common pack that swallow Kennedy's every proclamation.

And a few Regs...well, they've decided to fight back.


Building a Reg isn't that hard. Most of the rules are just the same as for building a Deltas. But these optional rules provide a few exceptions. One note: these rules are not intended to represent just any Reg. Rather, they are intended as a starting point to build "heroic" Regs - the kind that intend to fight crime and go up against the government.

Trait Points

Regs who go up against Deltas and the government tend to be a bit more skilled and versatile. A Reg character starts with fourteen points worth of Trait Points, rather than the standard twelve. However, there is one limit on this - they cannot take more than 4 Traint Points in any one Trait.

Reg Points

The second alteration is that while Regs don't get delta points, they do get "reg points." A Reg only gets two Reg points. One point can only be used to negate a wound. The second point can only be used to improve an action roll. If a Reg takes the Lucky positive quirk, the third point may be spent on anything they want.

Positive Quirks

The final change is that a Reg gets five more points to spend on Positive Quirks.

And...that's it. Reg "heroes" can otherwise purchase whatever Skills and Quirks they wish, subject to normal limitations (i.e., they can't take Tinkering any more than any other non_Gadgeteer can).

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