The Collegium - Agents

Who are are the members of the Collegium? What strange abilities do they possess? Take a look with us now as we review the roster of members of the Gomorra branch of the Collegium...

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Tom Fowler
Oswald Hardinger Draw 1 / Influence 3 / Cost 9 / Upkeep 1 / Mad Scientist 4

The only thing that makes me "mad," sir, is the mis-appellation of the sobriet "mad scientist." We are the da Vincis of the modern age - something you would be wise to keep in mind if you plan on confronting us.

Hardinger's Notes: Hardinger is not much of a fighter, and he's rather expensive. His special abilities are relatively useless unless you run into a Huckster with Phantom Fingers, or someone using Smith & Roebards or Bennie Hibbs to employ Gadgets of their own. His strengths are a good starting burst of Influence, and his Skill of 4 is indisputable. If you intend to seriously pursue the Collegium's special goal of getting out 5+ difficulty Gadgets for Control Points, you almost have to include him in your starting hand.

Oswald Hardinger (exp) Stud 1 / Influence 2 / Cost 9 / Upkeep 2 / Mad Scientist 5

Back! Back I am! Outta my way! Toot toot! Honk honk! Wroom wroom. *CRASH*

Hardinger's Notes: Too costly to start with, IMO, but good maneuverability and an okay special ability to avoid booting as the occasions calls on. Long, long overdue. Cool redesign though. A quick look through the Gadget shows a few cool things he can use his ability on: Auto-Incendiary Bullets, Chainsaw, Duplicator, Dynamite Launcher!, Magic Bus v. 2 (lots of mobility there), and...not much else. Still, the Oswald (exp) + Launcher combo has possibilities...
Tom Fowler

Bryon Wackwitz
Gunther Hapworth Draw 0 / Influence 1 / Cost 3 / Upkeep 0 / Mad Scientist 1

"Vampire"? Surely you don't hold to that superstitious rubbish. My heightened dexterity and speed, my 'celerity,' shall we say? derive purely from the correct application of biochemical elixirs to my own physiology. If you think my aversion to sunlight is significant in some manner, you obviously are not familiar with the Collegium: some of our members haven't seen the light of day in years!

Hardinger's Notes: Put him in your starting hand! For a mere Cost 3/Upkeep 0, Gunther is one of the best investments in the game. Adequate Influence, a good Mad Scientist skill, and his special ability rocks. One ghost rock to become a Stud 3 for two turns (and don't forget you can use it next turn for a +6!) is a bargain you shouldn't turn down. Just don't forget he loses that bonus if he isn't at a Deed you control.

Erik Zarkov Draw 0 / Influence 1 / Cost 4 / Upkeep 0 / Mad Scientist 1

While the advancement of Mankind's technological understanding must remain our ultimate goal, we must in the meanwhile protect ourselves effectively. None within the Collegium are more skilled in weapon development than myself.

Hardinger's Notes: Using Zarkov effectively requires that you forego to some degree the use of Events (i.e., Clubs) in your deck. Or use Bottom Dealing - but that will probably be getting enough exercise from Gadget building. I've never found that a +3 bullet was that necessary, on top of whatever gadget Zarkov is using. Zarkov using his ability with a Ray Gun is, quite frankly, overkill. Zarkov's Science and Influence warrant inclusion, and he's another warm body for the Collegium. However, at this experience level he's merely adequate. Keep him in your deck until you can pick up an experienced version, and then dump him.
Bryon Wackwitz

Bryon Wackwitz
Erik Zarkov (experienced) Draw 1 / Influence 2 / Cost 5 / Upkeep 1 / Mad Scientist 2

For 13 years I have labored in the fields of ballistics, munitions, ironworking, and a host of others your puny mind could hardly comprehend. There is no weapon I can't create or master.

Hardinger's Notes: Zarkov's ability mutates somewhat, and if you have and plan on using high-Difficulty items like Air Guns and Ray Guns, definitely include this version. Ironically, if you go that route, you probably want to keep Zarkov out of combat. Just have him keep chugging out weapons to hand off to his fellow Collegians. Of course, they shouldn't go out either with this strategy. The exp. Zarkov makes a good addition to a starting hand He costs 4 less than Hardinger, for one less Influence. His MS skill is two points lower, but his ability to bring out Weapon Gadgets without a pull makes up nicely for that.

Erik Zarkov (exp-2) Draw 1 / Influence 3 / Cost 10 / Upkeep 2 / Mad Scientist 3 / AtA Rare

It's no longer the case that gadget-weapons are merely the wave of the future. We need them now to defend our holdings in Gomorra. Besides, from what I've heard our enemies and even our uspposed allies will be investing heavily in gadgetry. We're going to need to match them!

Hardinger's Notes: Kinda pricey, and I prefer the Exp-1 ability to make Gadgets without a Pull. Still, his second Reaction ability gives you pretty good chances to make lots of Studs (although it involves more bookkeeping, too :( ). Definitely not any longer a starting Dude, so you're back to using Hired Guns or hoping you drew him when you need him.
Bryon Wackwitz

Liz Danforth
Professor Susan Franklin Draw 0 / Influence 0 / Cost 3 / Upkeep 0 / Production 1 / Mad Scientist 0

My colleagues choose to limit themselves to the Earthly plane. Little do they know that much more can be found in the heavens. The voices that whisper to them, passing on their knowledge, speak clearly and distinctly to me. You need only know where to look...

Hardinger's Notes: Include Professor Franklin in every starting hand. She's only one of two Dudes that gives you ghostrock. A low cost and Skill 0 makes her worth inclusion. Just let her sit there and make money for you and build Gadgets - never have her leave your Outfit HQ. She can let you maintain Hardinger while letting your per-turn income remain untouched.

Susan Franklin (experienced) Draw 0 / Influence 1 / Cost 5 / Upkeep 0 / Mad Scientist 1 / Rev Rare

Before his...enforced retirement, Xemo provided me with a number of insights into psuedo-precognitive transdimensional physics. Incorporating them into my own experiments has been most edifying. I've had to take away time from generating income from the Collegium to do so, but it seems a small price to pay.

Hardinger's Notes: Well, she gives you a point of Influence and her ability might be kinda useful. Unfortunately, there's not much you can do about it once you see what it is. Probably of some use (but not much) to the New Front in anticipation of what a target might be using in the way of Action cards. Not much use at all to the Old Front. The old Susan didn't do much, but she at least gave you some decent starting income.

Ron Chironna
Robert Holmes Draw 1 / Influence 0 / Cost 2 / Upkeep 0

Ain't a scientist - never claimed to be. I'm a mechanic. Give me a plan, I'll build it. Give me a chemical formula, I'll mix it. If I can't make it, then it can't be made.

Hardinger's Notes: Another valuable addition. If nothing else, he keeps those Miracle Elixirs coming back again...and again...and again. He's no Mad Scientist, but he plays a valuable support role. He may be a Draw 1, but don't take him out in combat if you can avoid it. Have other Collegium members create Elixirs, use 'em and ace 'em, and have Holmes shuffle them right back into your deck. Still, if you manage to lose a Dynamite Launcher or a Ray Gun, bring 'em back for an encore, and to keep your Victory Points up.

Robert Holmes (experienced) Draw 1 / Influence 1 / Cost 3 / Upkeep 1

Nope, I'm still not a scientist. Just a simple hands-on builder kinda guy. Just decided to expand into the shipping business. Klippstein gave me a few pointers, and now I deliver. Any time, anywhere.

Hardinger's Notes: Holmes picks up a 1 Upkeep and a +1 cost in return for a +1 Influence and a new Special ability. He loses his old one in the process, though. His new ability seems better suited to The New Front. Then again, the New Front can use Elixirs too, and I still like the inexperienced Holmes' ability to recycle those. Plus there's some new stuff that will Ace Goods and Gadgets (Bash, Back to Nature, Devil's Touch), that the "old" Holmes gives you protection against. I've never had that much trouble getting my newly-built Gadgets out (that's what the experienced Klippstein is for). I'd be really tempted to give the experienced Holmes a pass here, but I'll see how it goes.
Ron Chironna

Meredith Singleton Draw 0 / Influence 2 / Cost 4 / Upkeep 0

Despite the death of my husband, my loyalty to the Collegium remains unaffected. They are doing a great service to Mankind, bringing us into the 20th century. Please, sit, and I'll be glad to tell you all about it...

Hardinger's Notes: A good starting hand addition, since her Influence is rivaled only by the experienced Zarkov, Klippstein, and Hardinger. Her ability is nothing to sneeze at, either, although it takes careful use to employ effectively without making sure she is shot down by an opposing outfit. It's a pity she doesn't have the Mad Scientist skill, but her low cost and non-Upkeep still make her a valued addition to a Collegium deck.

Meredith Singleton (exp) Stud 0 / Influence 2 / Cost 5 / Upkeep 1 / Blessed 1 / RoS Rare

While I may not possess the scientific genius of my comrades, I have found that I can, in times of great peril, call upon...other powers to fight against the terrors that I now know to have killed my husband, and threaten to overrun Gomorra.

Hardinger's Notes: Her Value goes up two, she becomes (marginally) a Stud, and her Cost and Upkeep go up one each. She trades in her pretty useful Booting ability for providing the Collegium with their first Blessed. Is it worth it? Well, if you have an interest in using Blessed characters in the Collegium, sure. I don't feel any pressing need myself at this time, but we'll see. Her Terror/Value-reducing ability doesn't strike me as that useful, but with the proper Value-related stuff, it could work. I wouldn't put her in unless you do plan on using Miracles with her: the Whateleys may have made Terrors more popular, but that's still no guarantee you'll be running up against some.
Quenton Hoover

Tom Fowler
Suzy 309 Stud 2 / Influence 1 / Cost 3 / Upkeep 1

Danger! Danger, Oswald Hardinger, Danger!

Hardinger's Notes: Geez, the only "free" startin Stud the Collegium has. Unfortunately, she has a Gadget difficulty of 8! Fortunately, she gives the Collegium a Control Point because of it. Bottom Dealing or Hardinger's Blueprints are what you want here. Keep a Miracle Elixir or two on Suzy - you don't want to lose her. Rig her for semi-automatic fire with a Gatling Pistol, and she might give Black Jack a run for his money.

Suzy 309 (exp) Stud 3 / Influence 2 / Cost 4 / Upkeep 2 / RoS Rare

Must Destroy...Must Destroy...MUST DESTROY!

Hardinger's Notes: For one extra Cost and Upkeep, you get +1 to Suzy's Stud value, +1 to her Influence, and a decent special ability. And she still counts as a Gadget for Original Collegium Control Points as well. Sounds like a deal to me. What's not to like?
Tom Fowler

Lissanne Lake
The Amazing Xemo Draw 0 / Influence 0 / Cost 2 / Upkeep 0 / Mad Scientist 1

Before one can bring the future to the here and now, one must be able to see it first. My experiments have allowed me to tear wide the veil of Time...itself!

Hardinger's Notes: No Bullet Rating, no Influence. Blehh - he's still a loser even after Mouth of Hell. A cheap starting Scientist for the College if you have nothing better. But swap him out once you get better cards to use. Keep him in your deck if you like - his Scientist skill will come in useful. But that's about it.

The Amazing Xemo (exp) Draw 0 / Influence 1 / Cost 3 / Upkeep 0 / Mad Scientist 1 / DUO

I have finally escaped that wretched hell hole. Now, after so very, very long, I can fulfill my own personal quest--the vision that has guided me for so long. And you shall be a part of it, Mary. I've seen it all!

Hardinger's Notes: Well, he's got some experience, and a good way to get ahold of those Events that you might put in your deck like New Science Magazine. He's got no Upkeep, and becoms a decent Mad Scientist. His only major flaw is his piss-poor Value, so keep him at home and let him kick out gadgets on the turns you don't need his ability.
Lisa Hunt

Tom Sava
Peevie Stud 2 / Influence 0 / Cost 3 / Upkeep 3 / MOH Common (reprinted in BH)

Ummm, yes sir, Mr. Hardinger. Ahm lookin' forward to meetin' Mr. Mitobu. Sit out here and wait for him to show up in his boat? No problem.

Hardinger's Notes: Cheap cost, provides the Collegium with a much-needed Stud, and he can even be squeezed into a starting hand because of his low-cost and quickly non-existent Upkeep. And unlike Billy No-Neck, you can give him Weapons. Other than his low Value, there's really no downside to him. Put him in your starting line-up of dudes and that takes care of that. A no-brainer for pretty much any Collegium deck.

Peevie (exp) Stud 3 / Influence 1 / Cost 7 / Upkeep 0 / Mad Scientist 1 / DUO

Ummm...okay, guys. Da gate is down and all. So which way do we go?

Hardinger's Notes: The best fighter the Collegium has ended up, since he doesn't have the complications and weaknesses of Suzy-309, and he's got some fairly cool special abilities. Good in a New Front deck, but not bad in a Wasatch deck either if you go the combat/fighting route. May or may not be worth starting with: you might want to start with his inexperienced version and swap him in later.
Llyn Hunter

Tom Fowler
Gerald Klippstein Draw 1 / Influence 2 / Cost 7 / Upkeep 1 / Mad Scientist 2

Ya, I am the master of motion, the Collegium's transportation wunderkind. The Klippsteiner Grossvagon has been clocked at speeds exceeding 100 miles per hour. More importantly, it can go anywhere on land. Even der most isolated mine is but a stone's throw away.

Hardinger's Notes: A high Influence makes Klippstein worth his cost. Once he gets somewhere, he can make sure that the Collegium holds it. The main problem is that Klippstein can only use his rapid transit to get a Shootout: not something the Collegium necessarily want to get into. He and Suzy 309 make a formidable combination as they come swooping in on some poor unsuspecting claim jumper thinking he was only going to be gunning down Meredith Singleton. You'll probably want him in your Collegium deck anyway if for no other reason than his Influence: He constitutes 2 out of the potential 13 Influence Collegium scientists provide. But don't overlook his 2 Skill, either: only Zarkov, Fontaine, and Hardinger are equal or better.

Gerald Klippstein (experienced) Draw 2 / Influence 2 / Cost 7 / Upkeep 2 / Mad Scientist 3

Hah, it's surprisink how much one can learn with additional years of experience in ze field of transportational miracles. No longer am I limited to the ground - I can fly, float or zwim anywhere.

Hardinger's Notes: The "normal" Klippstein's problem is fixed, since he can now as a Noon action move pretty much anywhere. He's a real steal, since for an increase of just one on his Upkeep, you get his "move anywhere" ability, an extra point of Influence, and a 1-point booster to his Mad Scientist skill. Drop the inexperienced version entirely and just go with this one. You won't regret it.
Tom Fowler

Posse Parente
Fineas von Landingham Draw 0 / Influence 1 / Cost 4 / Upkeep 1 / Mad Scientist 0

Landers said what about me! How dare he? If it were not for the thermal updrafts that plague the Maze, I would show him! And Klippstein, who thinks just because his vehicle moves across the land that somehow makes his Grossvagon superior to my zeppelin! And those other ingrates of the Collegium - they laugh at me behind my back! Bah - when they need ghost rock, they're grateful enough. I'll show them all!

Hardinger's Notes: Despite the fact he owns a blimp, Landingham seems curiously...well, immobile. Still, his 1 Influence can prove useful, and he pretty much pays for his own upkeep. There's no real downside to using him, and sometimes that extra two ghost rock can prove remarkably useful.

Fineas von Landingham (exp) Stud 1 / Influence 2 / Cost 5 / Upkeep 1 / Mad Scientist 1 / RoS Rare

The time has come for me to become more than a simply delivery man. I'll leave those feeble duties to Holmes and Schacci. Now Gomorra shall see what 'death from above' really means! Bwah- hah-hah!

Hardinger's Notes: More mobility for the Collegium, plus another Stud to make him more of a Shooter. His Influence and skill also gets a boost. The main problem is the loss of his original ghost rock generating ability. He strikes me as one of the Dudes that I would include both versions of. Use the inexperienced one early on to generate the extra income, and then when you're financially set, swap in the experienced version.
Bryon Wackwitz

Llyn Hunter
Fineas von Landingham (exp-2) Stud 1 / Influence 3 / Cost 8 / Upkeep 0 / Mad Scientist 2 / DUO

I've been away long enough: the townfolk of Gomorra, they have lost their respect for me. I shall have to reeducate them what it means for a Scientist to command the air!

Hardinger's Notes: Interesting: Fineas actually loses Upkeep cost while gaining Influence. Of course, you have to wait at least a turn if you're going to attach the Damacles to him. Of course, who says you have to attach the Damocles. Grab those Autogyros and Rocket Packs and the Bi-Plane first, and then when you've got everything else, then get the Damacles and attach it to Fineas at no cost. Between this and the Wasatch HQ you should be able to grab most of your Gadgets post-haste.

Marcus Perriwinkle Draw 0 / Influence 0 / Cost 3 / Upkeep 1 / Mad Scientist 0

Do not let the apparent infirmity of my flesh fool you. The melding of flesh and steel: that is the key to the future of Mankind. Unfortunately, such attachments have not yet made their way to Gomorra. Fortunately, a willingness to embrace the metal can lead to greater ease at employing such Gadgets until such time as they can be attached.

Hardinger's Notes: Eh. Cheap, but the Upkeep cost and his 0 Bullet Rating, Skill, and Influence make him a pricey starting-hand Dude. There are other ways to discount your Gadget Goods (Sam's General Store, Christmas Day, Benny Hibbs), and it's not like Gadgets are that expensive (0 minimum, 5 tops). I typically don't find ole Marcus worth the space in my deck. And hey: when are we going to get those nifty cybernetic arm attachments that we see on Marcus' card (and A Coach Comes to Town, among others), anyway?
Byron Wackwitz

Bryon Wackwitz
Marcus Periwinkle (experienced) Draw 1 / Influence 1 / Cost 4 / Upkeep 2 / Mad Scientist 1

Since my...accident I've had to fight many temptations and struggle for my very soul. It is not just my mechanical arm that makes me a stronger man.

Hardinger's Notes: Well, okay, he's better. Still, I typically figure that a 2-Upkeep better be paying for a whole lot, and Marcus still doesn't seem quite up to snuff. His new special ability isn't that good: I try to avoid getting my Dudes aced in the first place. For a New Front deck I might consider using the Experienced version only. Otherwise, he's still probably not going to show up much in my Collegium decks.

Pierre Fontaine Draw 0 / Influence 1 / Cost 5 / Upkeep 0 / Mad Scientist 2

No man has explored ze Earth to such an extent as I! Its secrets are no mystery to me: I go where I wish, and no Maze Rat or Blackjack shall stand in ze way.

Hardinger's Notes: Once you get Pierre out of town, he's damn fast. Basically he's a one-man Maze Runner: pity he can't take anyone with him. He's also a lousy fighter, and a good Scientist: not much of an incentive to take him out. Use him carefully, and apply his one Influence to keep ahead of opponents trying to guard their Strikes against takeover. Or use him to re-secure your own Strike after an opponent has moved a 1-Influence character there to cut off your ghost rock. Just don't let Pierre sit there too long.
Mark Texeria

Dan Frazier
Alice Chamberlain Draw 2 / Influence 1 / Cost 5 / Upkeep 0 / Mad Scientist 0

A New Front requires a new face, and a new respect for the law. Sometimes need to remember that building a gun ain't the same as using a gun.

Hardinger's Notes: She's...okay. I can usually find enough other Gadget cost-reduction stuff that her first ability doesn't wow me. The take-1-GR ability is nice, and a supplement to the New Front's ability, but how often is that likely to happen. That leaves me with a 2-Draw Collegium member who is a (initially) mediocre Scientist with a low Value. I'd probably put her in my deck if I were using a New Front deck, but for Collegium/turtle decks I really don't see the need.

Julius Bailey Draw 0 / Influence 1 / Cost 4 / Upkeep 0 / Mad Scientist 4

Why should I come out, when all the secrets of the universe lay within my laboratory?

Hardinger's Notes: And I would use this because...why? Even if I were okay with Acing my Gadgets, who wants to lose the money and pay for the dude who is going to have to boot to do that every turn? I suppose a card like Red Spade will get you around Julius' handicap. But, hmmm, Red Spade is a 3-Value - not very good for Pulls. The fact that he's the best Mad Scientist in the game along with Hardinger just isn't wowing me. I'd rather use an experienced Zarkov and just not have to pull at all for my high-difficulty Weapon Gadgets. Or use Hardinger. I suppose I could use Bob's Fix-It Shop to recover the Aced Good, but I'm still out the Ghost Rock. Nope, I'm just not seeing a use for him here.
Tom Baxa

David Deitrick
Elmo Schacci Draw 0 / Influence 1 / Cost 3 / Upkeep 0 / Mad Scientist 0 / RoS Common

Yes, Sir, Mr. Hardinger! Take this out to Mr. Landingham at the strike? Will do! Right Away Sir!

Hardinger's Notes: So we have the Collegium's delivery boy. Given enough prep time, this could be useful. Have several Mads build the appropriate Gadgets at home, load them on Elmo, and then send him out (or have Gerald run him out there as necessary). Drop off said Gadgets to whoever needs them in the Posse. His low Value (Ace) means he'll probably get nailed, though: watch out for Shotguns! The new Suzy 309 can have the stuff added directly on to her, and Robert Holmes (exp) can do it once. So I'm not sure I see a pressing need for Elmo. But he's cheap cannon fodder and does provide a point of Influence. Not too bad.

Dr. Lawrence Draw 0 / Influence 1 / Cost 4 / Upkeep 2 / Mad Scientist 0 / Rev Common

Why yes, being out here does tend to make me of little use to my Collegium brethren in general. Still, I consider my contributions to the cause just as valid as anyone else.

Hardinger's Notes: Rather badly overpriced on the Upkeep side of things. Obviously of use mostly if you're going to run a strong Archaeological Dig/Museum/Alexander Whale deck (and undertake the stronger cheatin' chance that entails as well). The "copy" Gadget difficulty-reduction thing ain't bad, but is it really worth 2 Upkeep, or the effort to get out your Digs, or waiting to play Lawrence until you get those Digs out? Ask yourself that and, if it is, then go for it.
William O'Connor

Theodor Black
Alexander Whale Draw 0 / Influence 2 / Cost 4 / Upkeep 0 / Rev Uncommon


Hardinger's Notes: But...he doesn't do anything! He's not a fighter, he's not a Mad Scientist. His Value (unsurprisingly) is low enough that Ezzie will have him for lunch. He's an okay starting Dude if you really need the Influence (and don't have folks like Meredith, Zarkov, and Fineas), but that's about it. If you're going to use Museum (which in turn requires Archaeological Digs), or you have a pressing need for Fives in your deck, he's worth a looksee, but otherwise, I wouldn't worry about him too much.

Cynthia Kingston Draw 0 / Influence 3 / Cost 7 / Upkeep 1 / Mad Scientist 0 / AtA Uncommon

I've learned quite a bit from Mr. Hapworth's notes, Gerald. I don't believe the money you paid for my services will be wasted.

Hardinger's Notes: Nice high Influence, but other than that...she's not a fighter, so she's probably not going to be out much at locations to stop skill use. So unless you use her in a turtle deck, and merely to thwart opponents who come to your home (not adjacent, i.e., Phantom Fingers, Mark of Pestilence) and use Spells, she's pretty much useless. Use her if you need the Influence and have your deck set for Pulls.
Ain Cocke

Llyn Hunter
Jacynth Ambrose Draw 0 / Influence 0 / Cost 3 / Upkeep 0 / AtA Common

I am here on Dar...Dr. Hellstromme's behalf. One thing he has expressed an interest in is the construction of several...'special projects'. I believe areas of supranatural disturbance will be best suited to his plans. I shall be researching such spots carefully in the months to come.

Hardinger's Notes: You'd think there would be better ways to get +1 to your Mad Scientist, put better Value cards in your deck. Hey, there is! No Influence, no Bullet rating, and a Draw. Just build a better deck and forget her. Geez, it seems like all the Collegium types in Ashes to Ashes are either expensive, lame, or both.

Barney Brash Stud 0 / Influence 1 / Cost 4 / Upkeep 0 / Mad Scientist 1 / EfE Common

I've learned it's best not to quibble with Ms. Thomas. She can get in quite a mood when she's feeling...'peckish'. Besides, if I don't provide her with the blood she needs, she might look to me as a fresh supply.

Hardinger's Notes: Lovely starting Dude for the Collegium: cheap cost, a Stud, Influence, and a high enough Value (Six) that he won't die when somebody breathes hard on him with a Shotgun. His ability is slightly limiting, but works pretty well in a New Front deck and even some Old Front decks.
Bryan Heyboer

Jonathan & Lisa Hunt
Doctor Hardstrom Draw 0 / Influence 1 / Cost 4 / Upkeep 0 / Mad Scientist 1 / EfE Uncommon

Alas, the Collegium's previous policies in Gomorra have been difficult to completely overcome. I can't imagine why they didn't take advantage of the available...'resources' at hand to further augment their gadget-enhanced combat abilities. Ah well - that's why Hellstromme sent me here.

Hardinger's Notes: A decent Mad Scientist with Influence and no Upkeep. What you do with his special ability is up to you, I guess. My Collegium decks haven't been using a whole lot of Terrors, but it might now be a good idea if you're going to use Hardstrom to put in a Terror or two (Cassandra discounts the Holy Wheel Gun and the Soul Blast Cannon). Unfortunately, his ability contradicts the typical high pulling you want to do in a Collegium deck. You might just use him as a Gadget-builder and leave it at that.