The Law Dogs - Agents

Who enforces the Law in Gomorra? These brave men and women represent some of the most hardened and experienced law-enforcement agents to be found in the United States today.

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Liz Danforth
J.P. Coleman Stud 3 / Influence 4 / Cost 10 / Upkeep 3 / (Also a Agency member)

Yeah, rumors of my death were greatly exaggerated and all that. As long as the terror keeps on goin' up, there's always goin' to be a job for me here in Gomorra. The North might want me workin' for them, but I've kinda grown accustomed to the field of law enforcement in our 'fair city'.

Hunter's Notes: Kinda confusing, ain't it? He's is a Agency member, although you really have to squint to figure that out: I've tested a number of folks and it inevitably takes them about 30 seconds to spot the Agency badge. He's also died in the "official" storyline, but that shouldn't mean you have to disregard putting him in your deck. Of course the question here is...should you? I've always found him kind of...well, expensive. However, with the release of Revelations, the Fear Level stands at 7, and Coleman is quite the steal. I often start him with my Law Dogs decks: even if he costs 10 at the start of the game, Stud-3 and Influence-4 for no upkeep is a great bargain. Unfortunately, when the Fear Level inevitably drops back down, he'll be out again.

Nate Hunter Draw 5 / Influence 2 / Cost 7 / Upkeep 1

I hear that Black Jack's gang is getting out of hand. Maybe he's got a legitimate claim against Sweetrock. Lord knows I ain't fond of them. But since Sheriff Coleman's death, someone's got to uphold the law. Looks like it falls to you, Mr. Bilton. I'll be right behind you. (prior to the events of Shootout at High Noon)

Hunter's Notes: Relatively cheap, and Crack Shot or Pearl-Handled Revolver will turn him into a Stud-5 easily enough. I'm not big on Draw-5s myself, so I wouldn't bring him out for Shootouts until you're ready to.
Liz Danforth

Pete Venters
Nate Hunter (Experienced-1) Stud 4 / Influence 4 / Cost 11 / Upkeep 3 / Sheriff of Gomorra / Pine Box Fixed

I may not have the experience of folks like my successor, Sheriff Coleman, or Mr. Bilton. Still, I like to think that I know what for what. Sometimes a man's just got to do what a man's gotta do. As for Mr. Jackson, we've tolerated his actions far enough: no further.

Hunter's Notes: He's like Coleman, except he's got a special ability beyond being discounted. It's a pretty scary one at that: Not only can he call out Wanted Dudes at an adjacent Location, but if they refuse, they're screwed. Don't even bother with the inexperienced Hunter if you've got this, unless you're looking to save on costs.

Nate Hunter (Experienced-2) Stud 4 / Influence 5 / Cost 11 / Upkeep 3 / Rev Rare

Looks like it's down to me and you, Jackson. Never thought I'd say it, but there's not another man I'd rather face this hellspawn with at my side.

Hunter's Notes: Same as the other experienced version (except for another point of Influence!), but gets the supra-ultra-anti-Cheatin' ability. Obviously you're going to want to put in a Cheatin' card or three. Include a variety and don't forget that you can only do this during Shootouts. Cheatin' Varmint is a good all-around choice, (hopefully) assuring you win the shootout or at least giving you a much better chance. On the other hand, you can't knock Jackelope Stampede or Start Again, either. Depends on what Value you need in your deck, I suppose.
Pete Venters

Todd Lockwood
Nash Bilton Stud 3 / Influence 1 / Cost 8 / Upkeep 2

Hunter thinks he can handle the criminal element, eh? Well, he's wrong. Dead wrong. Me and Coleman didn't always see eye-to-eye but at least he was an experienced law man. Hunter don't know for nothin' about what it takes to put down Black Jack's men. Look at him, wastin' time investigating other alleged "crimes" that folks in town might be commitin'. I don't think our new Sheriff is truly respectful of our departed Sheriff. Oh well, the people have spoken. Hope they don't live to regret it. I just can't be a party to it any more, though.

Hunter's Notes: Not bad, but either Hunter is a better deal. Maybe the townfolk of Gomorra knew what they were doing, eh? Bilton's main advantage is that he can start a duel at a Strike the same turn he moves there. This can prove fairly useful under some circumstances. And he is a Stud. But he's pricey.

Cordelia "Corky" Hendricks Draw 2 / Influence 1 / Cost 4 / Upkeep 0

It's not every man that would give a woman a chance at enforcin' the law, even with the Civil War drawin' off the menfolk and all. Sheriff Coleman may have been old-fashioned, but he wasn't stupid.

Hunter's Notes: She's cheap, and inevitably finds her way into my starting Posse of Dudes. Her ability may not sound like much, but if she makes herself a Stud (using P-H Revolver or Crack Shot) first, she can become a Stud-4.
Allan Pollack

Pete Venters
Corky Hendricks (Experienced) Draw 3 / Influence 2 / Cost 7 / Upkeep 1

I can't quite put my finger on it, Nate, but it's like there's this black cloud hanging over Gomorra. Nver mind me, though. Let's go out and put paid to Black Jack, Bellows, and all the rest.

Hunter's Notes: Unfortunately, her "new and improved" stats really don't warrant using her as an Experienced character. However, sacrificing her, and using Quick-Draw Holster, can really win you that one big battle that you want. Either bring her in Experienced as a sacrificial goat, or stick to the inexperienced version.

Reverend MacPherson Draw 0 / Influence 2 / Cost 4 / Upkeep 0

There's Man's Law, and God's Law. I like to think that I'm the ultimate enforcer of both in Gomorra.

Hunter's Notes: A nice starting Dude: low cost and provides 2 Influence. Unfortunately, other than sit there and provide back-up for you if you happen to end up fighting Terrors, there's not much he can do unless you want to spend some time boosting him up. However, if I want the Experienced version, I'll probably start with him. It's a tough call.
Posse Parente

Pete Venture
Reverend Simon MacPherson (Experienced) Draw 0 / Influence 3 / Cost 5 / Upkeep 1 / Blessed 2

For I have looked into the mouth of Hell itself, and seen the spawn that have walked, crawled, and flew out of it. Mark my words: the Unholy are rising up against us, Sheriff, and soon the petty crimes of the Blackjacks will look like nothing compared to the host of killings that will soon occur!

Hunter's Notes: There's only one reason to use the Experienced version: to use Miracles. Confession can prove remarkably useful here, although sometimes hard to pull off. It's a nice every-turn way to pick off the weaker Dudes, though, as long as they have high enough Influence to make them worth your while. MacPherson will also Ace Terrors (as opposed to simply reducing their bullet ratings to 0. This isn't bad, but is conditional on your opponent(s) using them. There are a horde of new Terrors in Mouth of Hell, though, like the Stone Man and the Terrormental. So the Experienced Reverend is looking better and better.

Tao Cheng ("T.C.") Stud 0 / Influence 0 / Cost 4 / Upkeep 0

The Sheriff, in his wisdom, has seen that for the Law to truly be justice, it must be represented by all races. Nonetheless, I find it both surprising and touching that he has called upon me to render my humble services in the aid of Gomorra.

Hunter's Notes: Another good Starting Dude: Cheap, a Stud, and able to get a decent boost if his opponents lack weapons. Plus don't forget that there's no limit on what Weapons he can use and still gain his +2 Bullet bonus. Unless your opponet went whole hog with weapon equipping, T.C. and Wendy make a formidable team. She can Whip the armed opponent back to his Outfit, letting T.C. gain his bonus.
Anthony Grabski

Anthony Grabski
Tao Cheng ("T.C.") (Experienced) Stud 2 / Influence 1 / Cost 6 / Upkeep 1

I see the hand of Warlord Kang closing on Gomorra's throat. Black Jack and his men are dangerous, but ultimately it may be Yut-San who brings about our defeat. And besides, myself and Shu-Jen have a...history, if you will. Only one of us can emerge triumphant in the struggle to come.

Hunter's Notes: Basically, for +2 Cost and 1 Upkeep, you're getting a +2 Bullet rating, 1 Influence, and an ability to call out Maze Rats. How good the latter is depends on how often you plan on encountering opponents using the Rats. He's probably worth the cost. Since his inexperienced version is so cheap, he's one of the few Experienced Dudes that I would actually consider replacing once the game begins, rather than just using one version or the other.

Xiong "Wendy" Cheng Stud 2 / Influence 1 / Cost 5 / Upkeep 1

My father is skilled, but old-fashioned. He has yet to realize that all the martial arts in the world will not defeat a man with a weapon. Fortunately, that is not a mistake that I plan to make. Mr. Black Jack, armed with a shotgun, thought I would err. It was his error instead.

Hunter's Notes: Wendy's inherent Pistol Whip ability is a dangerous one indeed, useable under a wide variety of circumstances. It's not limited by an opponent's Bullet Rating or Value, so send home anyone from Charlie Landers to Black Jack. She also provides some Influence. Generally a must in any deck. And only a Common!
Anthony Grabski

Anthony Grabski
Xiong "Wendy" Cheng (Experienced) Stud 3 / Influence 3 / Cost 8 / Upkeep 2

My father is correct, in that the Maze Rats may pose as great a danger to us as Black Jack. He at least believes that he has been wrong, no matter how far outside the law he has stepped to avenge his perceived losses. But the Rats are criminals to the very black heart of their being. And there are others who would seek to use the law to their own benefit. I'm here to make sure that does not happen.

Hunter's Notes: Wendy's back, and she's kicking butt. She's lost her psuedo Pistol Whip, but her new ability is pretty scary as well. Put her in Town Square with some back-up, then send her to In-Town Deeds to call folks out. She's worth the cost: the question is merely which ability of her's that you wish to take advantage of.

Judge Henry Warwick Draw 1 / Influence 3 / Cost 6 / Upkeep 2

Why do I keep a skull on my court bench? Just a reminder to keep my guard up. Not all of my bailiffs are as skilled as Mr. Olson is. One once failed to adequately search a prisoner before bringing him in. Fortunately, I had already learned to keep Old Betsy here close at hand, and...well, let's just say the county was spared the cost of a trial and executioner in that particular instance.

Hunter's Notes: Not too bad a cost considering his Influence and special ability. Basically he gives you another way (along with Lynch Mob, Clean Up the Town, and Gabriel) to Ace Wanted dudes. Make sure you understand the Job rules before using him.
Mark Poole

Charlie Flatbush Draw 1 / Influence 2 / Cost 4 / Upkeep 0

Why, yes I have been approached by the good people of Gomorra to run as Mayor, since the unfortunate... condition that overtook Mayor Humphreys. For now, however, I am content to serve in the position as law enforcement officer.

Hunter's Notes: Good because he's really cheap and provides good Influence. I wouldn't send him out on his own, but he's good as a Starting Dude because A) he gives you a high starting Influence, and B) he can help you take over an opponent's Strike due to higher Influence. Just be careful he doesn't run afoul of a Shotgun; his Value of Two is kinda depressing.

Charlie Flatbush (exp) Draw 1 / Influence 2 / Cost 5 / Upkeep 0 / Rev Uncommon

I like to think it's my style and flair that have kept me alive through all the troubles that have beset Gomorra in recent months. I take some comfort in the knowledge that even the forces of Evil respect a well-dressed man.

Hunter's Notes: He's a bit more expensive, but at least he does something now, rather than just sit there and give you Influence. The catch here seems to be that he doesn't have to duplicate the Influence of an opponent. If nothing else, he can sit there and gain the Influence-4 of a J.P. Coleman, or the Influence-5 of Nate Hunter (exp-2). A starting Posse of Coleman + Flatbush/exp will cost you 15 GR, but will give you an 8 Influence! That's assuming you actually move them to a Deed - your Outfit HQ ain't a Deed, as specified on Flatbush's card. Anywhere else, and against an opponent, Charlie's ability is pretty iffy.

Bryon Wackwitz
Hector Casparo Draw 1 / Influence 0 / Cost 2 / Upkeep 0

Like my teacher, Doc Holliday, I don't consider myself a lawman. Rather, I just happen to be friends with a few, who feel the need to call upon my assistance from time to time. If it seems like I am employed so regularly in the field of law enforcement, it's probably because...well, there's a lot of law-breakers whom my friends feel they need my assistance against.

Hunter's Notes: Extremely cheap, but how much he helps you is debatable. He's realy only good for filling in lower-rank hands: if you've already got a Straight, you're not going to want to be tossing away any other cards. He might turn your three-of-a-kind into a four-of-a-kind, though, or your two-pair into a Flush. He might bail you out if you get a really poor draw, and he's cheap enough that he's probably not going to hurt you too much by being in your deck. If you're already doing good with your Draw Hands, then you probably don't need him.

William Olson Stud 0* / Influence 0* / Cost 3 / Upkeep 0

Yeah, I ain't got time to mollycoddle the prisoners. Like I got nothin' better to do. If Judge Warwick put a guy in here, I figure he deserves to be here. Don't see any reason to treat him real nice. He's a criminal, for Pete's sake. If he don't get his three squares right on time, or I haven't got around to killin' off all the rats yet, that's no skin off my nose.

Hunter's Notes: Kind of a slow starter, but he gives you a Stud-0 no matter what. I typically put him in my starting Posse because he's so damned cheap, and he's got such potential. Once I get the Jail out (and I'm going to want to get the Jail out), he's got 2 Influence. And he becomes a Stud-2 pretty readily if you're doing your job and getting Dudes Wanted. And he's a Common! He's also not bad at the Courthouse, but I keep him at the Jail as necessary since my opponent's movement to the Courthouse is restricted. Basically, Olson's quite a deal. The only real down-side is his low Value (Two).

Dan Frazier
Deputy John Templeton Stud 2 / Influence 1 / Cost 3 / Upkeep 2

Yeah, like Coleman can afford to be picky. Hey, I shoudla got his job anyway due to bein' on the job the longest. But they brought Coleman in instead. You'd think the townsfolk didn't trust me or somethin'...

Hunter's Notes: Kinda expensive for my tastes. Not the Cost-3, but the Upkeep-2. Templeton can become a Stud-4 pretty easily: there aren't that many Posses out there that consist exclusively of Value Eights or greater.

Deputy John Templeton (exp) Stud 4 / Influence 1 / Cost 7 / Upkeep 2 / RoS Rare

Whadda ya mean, I don't have any 'good friends'? Why, I outta...!

Hunter's Notes: Handy to have around because it'll knock out all those Healin' types. Why use Worse'n I Thought, an Action card, when you can have Deputy John around all the time, and providing Influence and Studliness to boot? He's even more expensive, though, but at least he's a Stud-4 all the time, and his Upkeep didn't go up. I'd rather worry about Upkeep than Cost any day of the week.
Mike Kimble

Tom Sava
Deputy Dave Montreal Stud 2 / Influence 1 / Cost 5 / Upkeep 1

Don't let that oaf, Templeton, fool you. Me and Powell are the new Deputies in town, and we plan to be stayin' on here a good long while. You don't respect me, you don't respect the law. I'm a peaceful enough fellow, but I don't tolerate a lack of respect.

Hunter's Notes: Dave's cool! Between him and the experienced Wendy, nobody should be running from your Callouts. For a Stud-2 and Influence-1, Montreal's Upkeep-1 is quite reasonable. Well, okay, I think it's pretty reasonable.

Deputy Dave Montreal (exp) Stud 2 / Influence 1 / Cost 7 / Upkeep 1 / AtA Rare/Uncommon

There are so few law enforcement types in Gomorra these days that the folks can really trust. Sheriff Hunter, sure. But Wendy's busy with that Sumner woman, and Templeton and Powell...well, let's just say that someone's going to have to stand shoulder-forward and braced for the any criminal element that might decide to rear its head since the town's...troubles.

Hunter's Notes: This guy actually seems...well, experienced. He doesn't mutate into some strange new form or anything. He has what he had before, and starts to get some extra Influence through acing, in return for a slight increase in initial cost. Upkeep stays the same, so this version isn't really that bad a deal over the inexperienced one. I'd say go for it and use him.
Malcolm McClinton

Dan Frazier
Deputy Milo Powell Draw* 3 / Influence 1 / Cost 4 / Upkeep 1

You didn't mind Johnny - now you're goin' to have to pay the price. Johnny, let's teach 'em the error of their ways.

Hunter's Notes: A little cheaper than Montreal, but not quite as reliable, either. Still, he becomes a Stud-3 roughly 50% of the time (very roughly). Putting him in a deck isn't vital, but if you find yourself coming up a bit shy in the Stud department (and you're using Law Dogs: you shouldn't be...), he can make a very useful addition. And even if you're not, the more Studs the merrier.

Redbrook Stud 1 / Influence 1 / Cost 4 / Upkeep 1 / Shaman 1

The Necessary Alliance, and its leader, Joseph, prefer to take the long view on things. Some of us are of the opinion that the spirits, and those who serve them, should take a more immediate interest. Besides, whether you believe in Abominations or not, there's plenty of man-made evil to go around. Besides, what better tool to use against the white men that harass us than the white man's law? The Alliance will thank me and those like me when they realize a lot of those that might have harassed them are sitting in a jail cell instead.

Hunter's Notes: And yet another Stud for the Law Dogs. As well as yet another low-Value Dude that could become Shotgun-fodder. Okay, I suppose there are some useful Shaman abilities, although you could probably get most of them by using the experienced MacPherson as well. If you plan on using Spirit stuff, then go for it. Otherwise I wouldn't bother unless you need more Dudes.

Paul (Prof.) Herbert
Lukas Owens Stud 1 / Influence 1 / Cost 5 / Upkeep 1 / Mad Scientist 1 / RoS Common

Mr. Hunter, I think you'll be pleased to know that we can increase the efficiency of your law enforcement department in Gomorra by nearly 62.7%. All you need to do is give me a few days to start production of the Mark V Gatling Pistol. With your permission, I'll be hiring on Mr. Hibbs. Mr. Cheng has expressed an interest in supervising the field tests: he mentioned something about some Maze Rats he was particularly eager to try it out on.

Hunter's Notes: He's a little expensive for the Collegium (which is why he isn't mentioned under Collegium Allies), but he fits right in with Stud-type 1+ Upkeepers in the Law Dogs. Finally he gives you a chance to start implementing some of those cool Weapon-type Gadgets for the New Front. Heck, just loading up the Law Dogs with Gatling Pistols should be sufficient, but add on a few Ray Guns and Electrostatic Pump Guns if you feel the need.

Jessie Freemont (exp) Stud 2 / Influence 1 / Cost 4 / Upkeep 0 / RoS Uncommon

A rolling stone collects no moss, and a cliche in the hands worth two in the bush. You got a problem with the way I talk, too darn bad.

Hunter's Notes: Well, his new quote is kinda cliche-ridden. Considering Jessie has no upkeep, these stats are pretty remarkable. The new Jessie is quite a deal, and worthy of being in any Law Dogs starting hand. He's a Stud with no Upkeep: that right there is a major plus for the Law Dogs. And he's got a point of Influence. His disadvantage is pretty much neglible: he can let another Law Dog do the calling out and join up with the subsequent Posse. Or just go on jobs (i.e., Judge Warwick's ability) and not worry about it. He's one of the best deals around as far as I can tell.
Lissanne Lake

Anthony Grabski
Jenny Cooper Draw 0 / Influence 1 / Cost 3 / Upkeep 0 / Rev Common

You take care of the bad grown-ups, Sheriff Hunter. Me, Timmy and Sally are going to go looking for that Badson creep.

Hunter's Notes: Cheap for a point of Influence, and her mobility ability can come in handy if properly timed. Basically she lets you bring in one of your Dudes from any location. They don't have to be at the locatiion Jenny moves to, as there's no "switching of places." It also doesn't boot the moving Dude, so use stuff like Shootin' from the Hip and Cover Fire once they get there.

Jenny Cooper (exp) Draw 1 / Influence 1 / Cost 6 / Upkeep 1 / EFE Rare

Girls mature faster, don't you know?

Hunter's Notes: Fairly cool just because she gives the Law Dogs another way to make someone wanted - just force a Dude to start a shootout in one of your private locations. Kinda conditional on them coming over to your private deeds, though. Me, I prefer the old ability myself - no Upkeep and great movement potential. But if you can find a use for this one, go for it.
Llyn Hunter

Anthony Grabski
Jesse Radcliffe Stud 1 / Influence 2 / Cost 5 / Upkeep 0 / AtA Uncommon

Sheriff Hunter's been quite forgiving of my past misdeeds. Not that there was any evidence of any stolen horses, you understand. Still, I was getting bored with the rodeo anyway. And Corky was an old friend of mine from those days. When I had heard she died, I kinda felt like I should look into matters.

Hunter's Notes: As good a deal as his psuedo-name sake, Jessie Freemont (exp). The Law Dogs aren't going to be hurting for either Studs or Influence if they start with Jessie (exp), and Jesse, and, say, Charlie Flatbush (inexp).

The Snitch Draw 1 / Influence 0 / Cost 3 / Upkeep 1 / AtA Common

Geez, Mr. Williams. I'm surprised you haven't heard more about all the stuff that goes on over at the Fat Chance, what with you taking the occasional drink there. Why, I'd heard that that Stoker fella killed 10 men in a backroom there! Close it down? Well, I don't know that I'd go that far, but I suppose you know what you're doing.

Hunter's Notes: Yeah, you can use him to make a Dude wanted. But geez, he's got no Influence and Upkeep. That makes him a little tricky to use in a starting hand...but not impossible. Particularly now that the Dogs have cheap high-Influence/no Upkeep Studs like Jessie (exp) and Jesse that they can also start the game with. Still seems to make a dangerously powerful combo with Hunter's Office's ability to call out Wanted Dudes at will. We'll see.
Pete Venters

Pete Venters
Rooster Beenz Stud 1 / Influence 0 / Cost 2 / Upkeep 0 / EFE Common

Since the Parkers passed away, I just kinda inherited their spread. You'd think I'd be kinda short of money, but for some reason storeowners pay me to not come into their store. Now if I could only remember who paid me what...

Hunter's Notes: A nice cheap starting Dude if you need a Stud. If you'd rather have Influence for the same cost, use Cassidy Greene. Squeeze him in if you can.

Evan Childes Draw 0 / Influence 2 / Cost 6 / Upkeep 1 / EFE Uncommon

I'm a Union law officer, yes. As such, that makes me at least marginally a member of the local law enforcement group. However, while they may call on my resources if the need arises, I owe my services to a higher power. My first duty is to the government and making sure they get all the money from the citizenry they are entitled to.

Hunter's Notes: Hopefully your opponents will have Dudes with a higher Value than 7! Okay for stalling and keeping out the riff-raff. Otherwise a little over-priced. Not much of a unsupplemented shooter. And the Law Dogs have enough good Shooters that do have good Influence as well. Since Evan is now legal, I suppose he makes an okay Influence-generator (although Charlie Flatbush and Corky and Rev. MacPherson are better choices if you can use them).
Bryan Heyboer

Lorenzo Sperlonga
Carson Gage Stud 1 / Influence 1 / Cost 4 / Upkeep 0 / DUO

I tend to think that the law and the Lord go hand in hand. Hopefully me and the others can do something to bring those two back together here in Gomorra.

Hunter's Notes: Another cheap starting Stud/Dude with Influence and no Upkeep for the Law Dogs (along with Jessie and Jesse). You almost get the impression his special ability was put in to convince people not to start him, but don't be tempted.

Judge Fayllen Wells Draw 3 / Influence 1 / Cost 5 / Upkeep 1 / DUOn

I'd heard tell you were dead, Mr. Navarro. No matter. I'm afraid that the Law has first claim on former Deputy Templeton.

Hunter's Notes: It's a one-man Flight of Angels! And he's out there with his one Influence instead of (you hope) in your hand at the right time. Of course, he doesn't have to be in the Shootout for you to use his Reaction. And he's not a bad shooter if you can turn him into a Stud (Pearl-Handled Revolver). Not a bad choice for most Law Dog decks, and you might even start him if you can swing the Upkeep and want to hit someone with a Cheatin' reaction early on.
Pete Venters

Jonathan Hunt
Deputized Civilian Draw 2 / Influence 1 / Cost 4 / Upkeep 0 / Non-Unique / DUO

The open end goes this way - right, Deputy Freemont?

Hunter's Notes: The useful combo card for the Deputized Civilian is Sawed-Off Shotgun. Turn the Deputized Civilian into a Stud-2, since his special ability cancels out the S-O Shotgun's penalty. Unfortunately that's a Mouth of Hell (albeit a Common one) so good luck finding it. He's not bad with a Double-Barreled Shotgun either, acing Dudes of Value 5 or less. Of course, he's only got a 6 Value himself. Unless you've got something special to put into conjunction with him, I wouldn't bother - the Law Dogs don't lack for decent cheap shooters.