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This series ran from 1987 - 1990 in first-run syndication, and was produced by Hometown Films (in conjunction with Paramount). Although it borrowed its name from the popular "Jason" horror movie series, it bore no resemblence to those movies. It chronicled the efforts of two cousins, Ryan Dallion and Micki Foster, to recover cursed antiques sold by their uncle, Lewis Vendredi, as part of a pact with the Devil. They had the assistance of Jack Marshak, an antiques procurer, hedge wizard, stage magician, and mystic who was an associate of Vendredi's and unaware of his partner's nefarious activities. In the third season, Ryan was written out and Johnny Ventura (who had made appearances in second season's Wedding Bell Blues and The Prisoner) took up the cursed antique-recovery business full-time.

More often than not, each week told the tale of the trio's attempts to recover one of the many antiques that their uncle had sold. Each antique bore a unique curse and tended to fall in to the hands of those inclined towards evil. In the second and third seasons, the format expanded somewhat as the characters occasionally encountered other supernatural manifestations. They were also occasionally obliged to deal with their uncle's efforts to bring his spirit back to the world of the living.