Highlander Promo Card Images

Only the best! Some of the author's favorite promo images from the game. You may not have seen them, so take a look at them here.

Save the Day - EDGE
Play in conjunction with Heroic Deed. For each additional attack you discard from your hand, you may draw another 2 cards from your Endurance. (Picture from "The Blitz")
Save The Day Photo
Interference Image
Interference - EVENT: Multi-Player Only
Play this card when you Retreat. Your opponent may not draw up at the end of this Encounter. (Photo from Testimony)
Safe Haven - SITUATION
While Safe Haven is in play, your opponent may not play attacks or any Special cards that would do damage to you. Remove Safe Haven from play if you draw a card. (errata text)
Safe Haven-Situation
Director's Cut
Director's Cut - SITUATION: Producer's Perogative
May be used as any Situation:Plot in order to fulfill the Plot's requirements. (Picture of directors)
If you are forced to discard cards from your hand you may discard Empathy to force your opponent to discard the same number of cards from his hand at the beginning of his next turn. (Picture from "The Wrath of Kali")
Director's Cut
Verona 1637
Verona, Italy 1637 - LOCATION
No Special Attacks may be played. (errata'd text)

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