Quickening Cards #2

Kane's Quickening Kastagir's Quickening
Kane's - At the beginning of your turn, you may look at the top card of your opponent's Endurance. You may use that card this turn if you immediately discard the top card of your Endurance. (Photo from Highlander 3) Kastagir's - When you make an Exertion to search for an attack or defense, you may make the Exertion one card at a time, stopping when you find the card you wish to keep or the full Exertion has been made. You must still make a full Exertion to make or block Power Blows. (Photo from Highlander 1)

Khan's Quickening Luther Quickening Image
Khan's - Lose 3 Ability when you Exhaust your Endurance (Photo from Highlander 1) Luther's - You do not need to make an Exertion to block Power Blows. (Photo from "The Vampire")

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