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The series was based on the immensely popular 1972 TV movie The Night Stalker, and its 1973 sequel, The Night Strangler. The program was made up of of 20 episodes, running from September 13, 1974, until August 30, 1975 (the last original episode was aired on 4/28/75). All episodes were produced by Francy Productions company, in conjunction with Universal Studios. The show has a substantial cult following, and has been acknowledged by X-Files creator Chris Carter as an inspiration for his own show. However, there aren't nearly enough comprehensive WWW sites. This site is intended to act as a compilation of all such sites, as well as personal works of the author.

The concept of The Night Stalker series is of reporter Carl Kolchak, working for the Independent News Service in Chicago, encountering the unnatural. Each week he dealt with a supernatural (whether mystical, scientific, or alien) threat. In format, the show resembles The X-Files or the British series The Avengers. Each episode has a series of grisly related murders, involving blood draining, marrow loss, old age, spine snapping, or use of medieval weaponry. Inevitably, the local authorities are intent on ignoring or covering up the the nature of the murders, while Kolchak's boss Tony Vincenzo refuses to believe his rebellious employee.

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