Kolchak - Episode Rating List

The following is a list of what I consider the best to worst episodes, in order. These ratings are based on my 20+ year old memories of watching the show in its original format, catching it on CBS late night in the early 80's, and a great deal of re-watching from video. They are entirely subjective, and no doubt some placement goes against what accepted judgment there is. For that matter, if I watched a particular episode next week, I might rate it a little higher or lower. Generally, however, on a 1-20 scale this is how I would rate them.

Top Five

1.     The Knightly Murders
2.     Horror in the Heights
3.     The Devil's Platform
4.     The Spanish Moss Murders
5.     The Zombie

6.     The Trevi Collection
7.     Bad Medicine
8.     They Have Been, They Are, They Will Be
9.     Legacy of Terror
10.    The Vampire
11.    Chopper
12.    The Ripper
13.    Demon in Lace
14.    Mr. R.I.N.G.
15.    Primal Scream

Bottom Five

16.    The Energy Eater
17.    Firefall
18.    The Sentry
19.    The Youth Killer
20.    The Werewolf

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