Top 10 Kolchak/Columbo Comparisons

Heck with X-Files. If there is another show that shares similarities with Kolchak: The Night Stalker, it's Columbo. Take a look at the list below, and see for yourself.

General Similarities


Kolchak Episode

Columbo Episode

Neither carry guns except when absolutely necessary Practically every episode Every episodes
Both wear rumpled, stained clothing and don't seem concerned about their appearance. Every episode Every episode
Neither can distinguish between a "boat" and a "ship" The Werewolf Troubled Waters
Both can't stand new clothing The Devil's Platform Now You See Him
Both like chili The Ripper Several episodes

Episode Similarities


Kolchak Episode

Columbo Episode

Which came first?

The main character suspects a concert conductor with a last name starting with "B" of killing his young female protege. The resolution of the case depends on determining which of two places the murderers appears to be in at the same time. Firefall Etude in Black Columbo (1972 vs. 1974)
Thanks to luck, the main character is on an ocean cruise. Murder occurs, and the murderer is ultimately revealed to be a dark, saturnine man who appears to have been in his cabin the entire time. The Werewolf (11/1/74) Troubled Waters (2/9/75) Night Stalker (1974 vs. 1975)
A murdererer hides behind the facade of an elderly female mystery/crime writer who is on friendly terms with the main character. In the end, an arrow turns out to be the murderer's undoing. Horror in the Heights Try and Catch Me Night Stalker (1974 vs. 1977)
The murderer is a politician running for Senator, who kills someone close to him in his campaign and yet totally escapes suspicion. The Devil's Platform Candidate for Crime Columbo (1973 vs. 1974)
Murder is committed via a robot, and a scientific research center features prominently in the case. Mr. R.I.N.G. (1/10/75) Mind Over Mayhem (2/10/74) Columbo

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