'Night Stalker' Darren McGavin Felled by Stroke

National Enquirer - July 27, 1999

Beloved TV actor Darren McGavin is battling back from a near-fatal stroke - and he courageously vows to resume his role on "The X-Files."

The stroke hit in the last week of March, and the "Night Stalker" star's family kept it a secret - until now.

In an emotional ENQUIRER interview, Darren's loving wife of 29 years, Katherine, confided the terrifying details - and the heart-warming story of his recuperation.

"He's making a miraculous recovery. I just thank God he's alive," Katherine declared.

"I'll never forget this as long as I live. It was the last week of March, Darren had been working all week long on 'The X-Files.'"

He appears as Arthur Dales, a retired FBI agent.

"We sat down to his favorite meal - linguini and clam sauce and a green salad - when it happened. Darren went to take a bite of pasta when the fork suddenly dropped from his hand onto the plate.

"Before I could speak, he'd slumped to the floor and landed on his right side."

"I was hysterical. I prayed with all my heart for God to let him live. I screamed, "Honey! Don't move. I'll call 911!"

An ambulance rushed Darren to the UCLA Medical Center where he was admitted to intensive care. "He had paralysis and it was terribly frustrating for him because he wanted to talk but couldn't."

After two weeks in ICU, he was stabilized and transferred to a rehabilitation unit for speech and physical therapy.

"Every day he's getting stronger and more active," Katherine continued. "He can dress himself and shower, and he's begun watching TV again and reading the daily papers."

His speech is returning, too. "The first time he was able to say I love you' again I thought my heart would burst. It still brings tears to my eyes when he says it to me."

"The other day, Kirk Douglas, who also suffered a stroke a few years ago, sent over a tape for Darren - it's a speech therapy tape called 'Oral Aerobics.'"

"It won't be easy, but Darren's determined to get back to work. I promised him I'd make his favorite meal again - linguini with clam sauce - the day I bing him home again."

Adam Butterfield


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