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Miscellaneous movie/resource/review information. Enjoy.

Mr. Cranky's Movie Guide (hilarious!) The Movie Database Search Engine
Roger Ebert's Review of Highlander 2 (funny!) Jabootu's Bad Movie Review Archives
The Galaxy Quest "Fan Page" (hilarious parody!) A MST treatment of the Doc Savage (hilarious!)
Movie Critic Interactive Site The Tomb Creeper Site
SoundAmerica's TV & Movie Themes Movie Cliches List/Site
Weird Al's Horror Reviews Daddy's Drive-in Dirt (MST3K info)
Oh The Humanity! (Yet more reviews of bad bad movies) Stomp Tokyo (And yet more reviews of bad bad movies)
The Unknown Movies (Obscure and/or Bad Movies) It's a Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad Movie Site
Rotten Tomatoes Review Site Charter Terminal (movie reviews)
B-Movie Mailing List A Poseidon Adventure Web Site?!? (as funny as it sounds, but well done nonetheless)
Another Great Review Site (no idea who this person is, but they write like I do...) Teleport City - Yep, more Bad Movie Reviews