TV and Hobby Sites of Interest

I watch several pretty darn interesting TV series, and a few specific movies. Here's where you can find some info on these:

Brimstone Sites

Brimstone Reviews and Info Brimstone Central
What would those last six episodes of the season have been? Find out from Cyrus Vance Another Site, with Links, etc.

Mystery Science Theater 3000 Info

Sci-Fi Channel (MST3K) The Official MST3K Info Club Web Site
A MST treatment of the Doc Savage (hilarious!) Web Site #9 (Fan MSTing)
Mike and the Bots take on The Eye of Argon

Doctor Who Stuff

A Large-Scale Doctor Who Book Review Site Kate Orman's Site (Doctor Who Novelist)
BBC's Comic Relief Atkinson/Pryce video (in Real Time) Readers' Review/Ratings of Doctor Who novels
Dave Owen's Shelf Life Reviews Michael Lee's Review of Doctor Who novels
Happy Guy's Reviews (Virgin only) Another Doctor Who Review Site (Virgin only)
And yet another... (Virgin only)

The Doctor Who Ratings Guide Button

Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Comprehensive Buffy Site
Buffy Humor Page Comprehensive Angel Site
A Good Angel Review Site

Magnificient Seven Sites

The Magnificient Seven Webring A Substantial M7 Site

Buckaroo Banzai Stuff

The Buckaroo Banzai FAQ A Good Place to Start (Links, IDs, etc.)

The Wild, Wild West

The Official Movie Web Site Comprehensive WWW Web Site
Another Comprehensive Site A Fanfic Site

Star Trek

A Good Overall Review Site Tim Lynch's DS9/Early Voyager Reviews
A Good Overall Novel Review Site Star Trek Book Database

Miscellaneous Stuff

The Good vs. Evil Webring Stargate SG-1
The Magician Fan Page Adventures of Brisco County Jr. Webring
She-Wolf of London Web Page The late, lamented Spy Game
The PowerPuff Girls Webring Batman Beyond
Simpsons Archive The Pretender
Babylon 5 Lurker's Guide - The Ultimate Site! An amusing Xena/Subtext Site
A Wildside Episode Guide Site Stargate SG-1 Nitpickers' Guide
The Irreverant Guide to Lost in Space Seven Days
Justice League Toonzone pages

Miscellaneous Movie/TV Info

The Television Without Pity Review Site (hilarious!) Shatner Sings! .au files - and other "musical" performances by Star Trek actors
Nitpickers' Guide Central On-Line TV Guide
SoundAmerica's TV & Movie Themes A Fairly Complete Collection of Television Fan Fiction
More Television Fan Fic Mothership TV Sci-Fi/Fantasy Review
Whoosh Episode Guide TV Tome's Episode Guides
Phantom of the Paradise Web Site