Carlos Torres

Name: Steve Crow
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Immortal's Name: "Carlos Torres"
Immortal Archetype: Kane

Immortal History: Carlos Torres was born in 1633 in Toledo. He was the adopted ward and apprentice to a swordmaker, Luis Soldano, who was also an Immortal. He knew of his adopted son's potential, but did not reveal it to him. Instead, he merely trained Carlos and made sure that he knew how to both use and craft a sword.

An Immortal came seeking the heads of both father and son, and confronted them on an edge of a cliff overlooking the ocean. Soldano was beheaded in the fight, but not before throwing the young, unwitting Carlos off the cliff so that his killer could not take his ward as well. The fall killed Carlos, and he awoke to find himself laying washed upon the shore.

Returning to the hacienda, Carlos found that his patron had left him notes explaining his newfound Immortality. Carlos traveled Europe for the next 50 years, gaining skill and experience. He even journeyed to Japan, and compared notes with the swordsmith Nakano. Fully trained, he eventually avenged his "father's" death. Once that was achieved, he went into retirement to hone his swordcrafting skills. Refusing to cower on holy ground, he remained at the Torres' hacienda, facing those Immortals who came to challenge him but declining to seek out others of his kind to fight.

Even for an Immortal of Carlos' patience, this life of solitude grew...restraining. Near the end of the 19th century, he traveled out into the world again, looking for other swordsmiths to compare notes with. His research took him to a ruin in Iraq. What happened there, no one knows. But when Carlos was next scene by any Immortal or Watcher, it was 10 years later. He now actively and viciously sought out Immortals to take their heads, and has been triumphant ever since. Some believe that he may have faced some powerful evil Immortal there, and defeated him only to gain a legendary "Dark Quickening."

In combat, Carlos' style of fighting remains unchanged since his disappearance and subsequent reappearance in Iraq. He employs the two-weapon style of his teacher, and which he has perfected upon over the years. His speed is blinding, and difficult to oppose. He seems able to anticipate his opponent's attacks before they have formulated a strategy themselves.

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