Dung Nguyen

Name: Steve Crow
Email Address: crow_steve@hotmail.com
Immortals Name: "Dung Nguyen"
Immortal Archetype: Darius

Immortal History: Dung Nguyen was "born" in the area now known as Vietnam nearly a millennia ago. Little is known of his background, but it is believe he was a priest of some ancient people, who disappeared shortly after Dung's adoption without a trace. Even the Watchers are not sure exactly what happened to them. Dung first came to their attention in 1122, having been adapted into the Mongol forces by Kublai Khan. Their information on his "origins" come from what he told various members of the Khan's court.

More importantly, Dung also worked as an apothecary, and supplied a series of strange drugs for the Emperor. He claimed that these augmented a mortal's combat prowess tenfold, and by all reports his claim was entirely true. It is believed that Dung helped Kiem Sun in 1276 during the latter's first few years as an Immortal. Dung refused to teach Kiem the ways of the Immortal, however, and Sun later found May-Ling Shen as a teacher. Kiem Sun was once overhead by a Watcher saying that Dung was cursed with his knowledge, and had no wish to take a student lest the curse be passed on.

This claim seems to be true, since Dung has never been reported to be the teacher of any fledgling Immortal. Since by all reports Kiem is still obsessed with adapting the Kwanlo root, but without success, it seems unlikely Dung passed that knowledge on to him either.

Dung has since disappeared and reappeared throughout the world over the last 800 years, typically as a mercenary and "chemical consultant" for various warlords and chiefs who seem more then willing to finance his experiments in return for frenzied fighters. Dung himself seems to partake of whatever drug or potion he has developed: few Immortals who face him survive, and Watchers witnessing the battles report that Dung fights with an insane frenzy unlike anything they have ever seen.

Dung is currently spending his time in the Western hemisphere. He occasionally provides knowledge to Columbian druglords when he is not hunting down other Immortals. The druglords finance his research, although in truth it is not clear what further he can discover to add to his store of biological knowledge.
In combat, Dung's style is unpredictable. He is just as likely to slash out with a rapid frenzy of cuts as to retreat temporarily for no reason. It is suspected these mood swings are the result of the drugs he ingests.

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