Weng Chiang

Name: Steve Crow
Email Address: crow_steve@hotmail.com
Immortals Name: "Weng Chiang"
Immortal Archetype: Amanda

Immortal History: The Immortal now known as Weng Chiang was an orphan taken in by a major Tong leader in 1863. He was trained in martial arts and criminal skills and served his adopted father and his "family" until age 23, when he was killed during a war with a rival group. Several of his opponents witnessed his "resurrection" and soon spread tales of his seemingly godlike abilities. Weng soon came to be seen as a minor deity or demigod of some sort - he and his father used this to enhance the reputation of their Tong to no end.

It wasn't until five years later that Weng met another Immortal who instructed him in the rules of the Game. Realizing there was a greater destiny awaiting him, Weng asked for and received permission to travel abroad and aid from afar his now-aging father and his true son who planned to inherit the "family business." Weng still serves the Tong to this date, albeit as a shadowy behind-the-scenes figure - no one is quite sure if he is the original Weng or some ancestor. Weng himself maintains this mystique, the better to augment his own reputation and keep his family and its Tong business strong and viable.

In the modern day Weng travels wherever his family's business takes him, taking heads when he can. Not only does he seek out Immortals to fight, but his occupation often brings him into conflict both with criminal Immortals and "good guy" Immortals who take offense at his activities.

In combat, Weng uses a scimitar-style weapon and relies on his lightning speed and accuracy to strike critical blows to an opponent, bringing them down for the kill and then taking their heads. He uses a flurry of blows to distract them while slipping in the occasional lethal strike.

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