Sun Shu-Jen

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Immortals Name: Sun Shu-Jen
Immortal Archetype: Jin Ken

Immortal History: The Immortal who came to be known as Sun Shu-Jen was adopted by a Chinese pirate captain in 1866. At the age of 15, The boy was found drifting out to see on a wooden raft, more dead then alive. However, whatever disaster enveloped the boat he had presumably been aboard, no one knows: Sun himself has no memory of what occurred, or any life that he had before he was discovered.

Viewing him as a good luck charm, the captain named the boy and took him on as the son he had never had. He trained him in the art of high-sea piracy, which Sun took naturally to. He fought in a number of boarding actions, until he was cut down in battle in 1879 . . . and arose, Immortal.

Sun's adopted father had heard tales of such beings before, and took the boy to an ancient Immortal named Po Yu. Po had aided the father in the past, thus their connection. Po trained the boy in the ways of the Game. Sun took that as readily as he had to piracy, and after two years later his teacher, feeling he had learned all that he could. He returned to the ship that had been his only home, and continued to aid his father. The tales surrounding his invulnerability gave rise to any number of legends in the China Seas. Many who fought against him claimed it was as if a demon had possessed him, so ferocious was his attacks.

When his captain "retired" five years later, Sun chose to leave the pirate life rather then inherit the ship. He wandered the world, increasing his combat abilities and becoming ever more skilled in the game. He retains an interest in both ships and piracy, having taken care to make sure he kept abreast of technological developments in both fields. His interest in the more criminal aspects of shipping has led him to the occasional smuggling alliance with Alexei Voshin, although neither one really trusts the other. Their partnership is one of convenience, nothing more.

In combat, Sun Shu-Jen relies primarily on the martial arts skill that his mentor Po Yu taught him and that he further expanded upon in his pirating days. Despite his relatively young "age" as an Immortal, he is probably one of the most skilled martial artists among his kind. He favors no particular sword, and only uses since his preferred weapon, the nunchaku, is usually unsuited to beheadings. He is an unpredictable fighter who is difficult to anticipate.

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