Rules for Using MLE1 Personas and Cards

1) All MLE1, MLE2, and MLE3 cards are legal...sort of (see below). Of the 
   current MLE promo cards, only Alertness and Holy Ground are legal. You can 
   submit any  MLE personas. Any reference to "MLE" within these rules refers 
   only to WJ-permissible MLE sets. MLE4, Dark Duncan, Ramirez Collection, 
   Michael Moore/Quentin Barnes, Morgan D'Estaing, and all other promos, are not 
   currently legal.

2) You can only play and challenge people of the same "rank" as 
   yourself (i.e., Normal, MLE, any new future ranks). If you wish 
   to challenge someone of a higher rank, you must request to be 
   upgraded to that "rank."

3) If you are playing a non-MLE personas, it is assumed you do not want 
   to play with or against MLE cards, unless you tell me otherwise. You will 
   be listed as a "Rank 1" Persona in this case.

4) You cannot accept challenges from persons of a higher rank. If you wish to 
   accept challenges from a higher rank, see #6 above.

5) You cannot play with cards of a particular expansion unless you indicate 
   you are willing to accept challenges from people using cards from that 
   expansion. Using MLE cards without notifying the Watcher and having 
   your MLE rank/status indicated is a violation of the rules.

6) You can choose to enter a higher rank even if you aren't using cards from 
   that rank. That is the only way to fight someone of that higher rank.

7) MLE1 Ramirez (if used as a non-Persona pregame) and Ahriman are not 
   Personas - you do not have to indicate you are using them as part of 
   your "Persona" (i.e., Luther/Ahriman) on the WJ page. You do have to 
   indicate if you are using them as a pre-game, as normal. However, 
   Nemesis cards are still not permitted in WJ games.  Use of Ahriman will 
   only permit you to use other Ahriman cards.

8) If you choose to play Darius or a Faction card such as "Four Horsemen", 
   you need only list "Darius" or "Four Horsemen" as your Persona name for 
   the WJ listing. You do not need to reveal which Personas you are using 
   until you make or accept a challenge, as per the normal pre-game 
   announcement rules. You may switch your two selected pre-game Personas 
   like any other pre-game card, between games.

9) Anyone willing to play at a particular rank is expected to be conversant 
   with cards of that rank. Please do not slow down games by asking your opponent 
   for what certain cards do, or what certain rules are. Spoiler lists 
   and rules for the MLE set are available at the MLE website(s).

10) Any MLE rules issues should be sent to the Watcher ( 
    As necessary, the MLE Team will be consulted to resolve issue the 
    Watcher cannot answer based on his own experience with the set and 
    with the official rules and Addendum. This may result in delay of game: 
    if so, be patient, or agree to continue with the game based on whatever 
    temporary ruling you can come up with, or that the Watcher provides.

11) The following MLE cards are banned from WJ play: Sanctuary (Location) 
    (as per the normal WJ rules against "end the game/save your head" cards); 
    Seduce/Faith, Posse Member/Faith, and Inside Information (same reason as 
    Scrye - inability to effectively look through your opponent's Endurance 
    in an on-line game and subsequently keep it in order). Stalk/Kenny 
    is legal, since it only involves tracking 7 cards.

12) Graham Ashe's Back Away is allowed.

13) At this time, the only legal Ramirez card at this time is the Ramirez 
    Persona found in MLE1. All other Ramirez cards that are not published 
    by TCG are currently illegal.

15) All other WJ rules apply normally.

16) The text for the promotional MLE Alertnesses is: "Edge - 3 - If you do 
    not play a Special card, you may play this card if your opponent played 
    a non-Ranged attack or Combat Trick that is undodgeable [unblockable]. 
    You may play a dodge [block] against this offensive card as normal."

17) The text for the promotional MLE Holy Ground is: "Event - 3 - You may 
    play this event during your Defense Phase. You avoid all attacks and 
    Combat Tricks this turn. Each player must draw three cards then discard 
    three cards at random. Your Defense Phase ends and skip your Attack 
    Phase this turn."

18) The text for the MLE Holy Ground has been errata'd so that it is removed 
    from the game after it is played/activated.

19) If you are using certain Unexpected cards from MLE1 in your deck, and 
    you draw them on your first turn and as are going first, be advised 
    that your opponent draws simultaneously and may have Unexpected cards 
    of the same type that nullify them before they go into effect. If you 
    draw any of the following Unexpected cards in your opening hand, check 
    with your opponent before activating them during draw/discard: Forced 
    Back (Sit), Explosion, Fall Back, Holy Ground, Lost the Edge, Unforseen 
    Plot Device, Unplanned Situation itself, Where Are We? (Event), 
    Teacher's Castle.

20) There is only a single pool of Qs shared across all ranks.

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